Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas once again

What a busy, busy week. Second day off now, things are just starting to come back to normal ... well as normal as things get. Dec 24 was my first day back so that means I get all the last minute shoplifter calls, child custody disputes and a few suicides here and there, tis the season. I'm fortunate enough that that my brother who lives in Crazy Town too got off at the same time that I did and to take me to our dad's house for Christmas eve, he lives in Redneck Town. Jacks, it is Redneck Town, I saw a few people in their decorated tractors going down the street to pick up pizza ... there's no shame.

Got to see my Nana which is awesome because this will probably be her last year, we keep getting the be prepared speech every time we say goodbye.

It was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing when I asked my brother to get a present that was in one of my bags. I had 99% of them in one bag but that one I had gotten late so it somehow didn't make it to the right place in the confuffle. I told him it had red and black wrapping paper. Easy enough, he goes rooting through the bag, cause he was going to his bag beside mine anyways. I'm sitting in the living room, playing with my puppy, a 11 ... 12 year old German Shepard mostly mix when I hear him holler.

My dad asks him if he's still alive and my brother admits that he is very quickly and a few minutes later he comes back a few shades of red. He hands me the present without making eye contact and I ask what. Apparently he had found a bra that was red and black and had taken that out of the bag. Well I laughed, my mom and dad laughed and he just sat down and distracted himself with the pupper dog.

The next morning was an early one because I was doing the 12 hour shift and had to be on the on ramp to the highway at 04:45. I had a coworker was coming through from Hub Town and picked me up. We had 50 dispatchable calls that day, normally it's like 150-200, which means only one thing. We got ourselves in trouble a lot. There was laughing, talking and someone threw a packet of ketchup at me. Officers came up and visited, there were treats brought in and oh my god enough chocolate to send everyone into seizures. Fat and full, around 18:00 that night, the same coworker drove me to Bum Fuck Nowhere where my mother lives and I had Christmas Dinner there. My mom's boyfriend is really nice and he had his mother there. She was a bit creepy looking as she liked to stare at you and go, "Hmmm ... niceeeeee." Four different kinds of pie, two different kinds of potato, stuffing, turkey, a million and two vegetables ... so full, so tired, I slept on the couch. The youngest dog a westie/silky mixture slept on my shoulder asking every two seconds, 'play'?

Mom and her boyfriend drove me back to Crazy Town on Boxing day, to which I was running on little sleep but did 2 night shifts worth of work. Last night finally got enough sleep and am feeling better, opening and putting away some presents, Electric mixer, Food steamer, pots and a few decorative things. Headache week count though ... 3rd week going on 4th ... was told to look into codine ... might try that. There was also this other pill ... apparently the strongest thing you can get without a prescription. Might look into it, constant headaches suck royally. It's good to see the family but it's really good to be home too.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Police K-9 and a Santa MVA.

Last cycle was awesome! On two occasions the police k-9 came up to visit and both times I got to see them! I will admit I am a dog person, German Shepard is my favourite breed and these guys were so adorable. I have come to accept that I would be an easy person to abduct. Show me a puppy and I get tunnel vision. Hell I'd probably walk in to the van and if you let me hold the puppy or pat a dog, I'd go all the way to the second location happy as pig in shit. One was either just over or just under two ... i believe, he was young though and still in the 'I love everyone' stage. He had really nice markings and even had a little Santa hat, which we thought was cute but he seemed to hate. It was just put on for us though, not to go on patrol with. Last night shift we saw a brand spanking new one. This one was still in training as he was only 9 months old but apparently he was really showing some good skills. He was super, friendly and had this massive head and massive paws. He was in the stage of 'Is this food? let me put it in my mouth. you smell good. I give you kiss. I want to smell everything! I'm going to ....Squirrel!!'

We got our first substantial snow fall this cycle and this amazing thing happened to almost all of the drivers. It was nearly instantaneous and I'm sure would have been funny if you were watching it from a birds eye perspective. It was like when a snowflake landed on a car, it instantly made the driver forget how to drive! Imagine driving down the road, you probably don't even see the single snowflake and it's "OH MY GOD! What is this wheel thing? What are these lines things! Aaaggh!" Crash. All day. Not happy.

So I go out shopping, regrettably, the malls are chaos with glitter and a bow. Going down an aisle and it happens again. Don't know if I blogged about it or ranted about it, but it happened again. Going down an aisle in Zellers, just avoided being side swiped by an old lady going mach 2, when I see it's completely blocked off. Lady has her cart facing one way and is looking the other so that no one can get by. I hate this but whatever I'll go around again. I turn around and someone else is doing the same thing on the other side. I am stuck again! Twice in one season, I need one of those cow plow things that they put on trains.

Looking forward to tonight because my brother is going to take me around to look at all the Christmas lights. Besides the whole 'family togetherness, love, peace on earth thing' this is my favourite part of Christmas. I don't even need gifts, just drive me around and let me look at the lights, or the plastic Santa that just flew across the highway.

Me: 911. What is your Emergency?
Panicked man: I just killed Santa!
Me: What? Where are you? Mall Santa or ...
Panicked man: On the highway! It blew right in front of my truck!
Me: A man just blew in front of your truck? Which highway? *thinking winds are high but shouldn't be that high. Especially if this man is red, fat and jolly.**
Panicked man: I ran it over and it made this weird popping noise under my truck.
Me: *crickets* okay so a popping sound ... ok which highway, I need to know, we have a lot.
Panicked man: I'm on 'main Crazytown highway right before the psycho mall that Kat would eventually battle through. (okay he didn't say that but hey, can't give out major highways or malls, my whole secret identity thing ... yes secret identities just aren't for superheros)
Me: Have you pulled over?
Panicked man: Well no I'm late for work which is why I was rushing. I didn't see it until it flew over the median and crashed in my lane.
Me: He flew over the median? Can you still see him?
Panicked man: Oh no, I mean ... this is going to upset some kids if they see that ... I figure he came off one of the yards, probably wasn't secured right.
Me: *finally dawns on me* Sir is this a decorative Santa or a real man dressed as Santa?
Panicked man: Like the kind you plug in.
Me: *Withholding my sarcastic remarks* So a fake decorative lawn ornament Santa, not flesh in blood need Fire, Police and an Ambulance for?"
Panicked man: Well no. Someone should clean it up though, kids might see it.
Me: Right ... *erases most of call ... thank god I had not entered it yet, they'd never let me live it down* I'll call the department of highways to come by and scrape Santa off."
Panicked man: Okay thanks ... will I be charged for destroying property?
Me: Not if it blew in front of you while you were driving on the highway ... though you might find a lump of coal on Christmas day.
Panicked man: *laughs* Good, I'll use it to heat my house. Price of oil is crazy.
Me: I know eh? (i do say eh, it's habit). Let me get your name and number confirmed then I'll send you on your way.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

911 versus the Dispenser

I'd like to think my Division is made up of skilled, capable and intelligent individuals. We handle life and death emergencies (and the not so dire) calls all day long and I feel we do a rather good job. That is why I am perplexed, given my crowd of associates, that we are constantly thwarted by the paper towel dispenser. I don't get it. At least twice a cycle I see that it's get jammed up and it flat out refuses to preform like an scorned hooker who's got Johns lined up around the block. This has been going on for months now and every time our cleaner has to unlock the beast, beat it to shit before the paper towel is unclogged. Thank god we have a second one or everyone would think we had pee hands all day.

This is my first day back and it has gone quite well. A co-worker has surprised me with a loaf of her ever-lovin freaking awesome banana bread for me. The whole thing, for me!!! It was a belated birthday gift! WOOO! Then a half hour later another co-worker took a bite out of her Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich and didn't like it. Instead of wasting it, she cut off her bite marks and gave it to me. Taking it, I thought and then looked at both of them. "You two are trying to make me fat ... er."

Oh go figure this. Some kid thinks it's funny to tell people at school he has a gun then go back behind the school and set off firecrackers! Now here's the crazy part, everything thinks he's shootin off a gun and we get 1 call. A few hours later we have a guy walking down the sidewalk and falls over. He's fine. 6 calls! Priorities people!

Officer came in, guy had puked over him, felt sooooo bad. I saw him in the hallway as I was going to the bathroom. He said I looked like death, ok so I wasn't feelin the best, constant headaches suck. My only response 'well you smell like it', even though he'd already changed. Then I had to admit that death smelled a bit worse then he did, but I told him if he got any riper then he'd be close.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Docs and grocery scavenger hunt

So today I got a call at about eight ... don't they realize that's early still, lol? It was from the one supervisor that I cannot stand in the least, thank god she's not on my watch. It's my second day off so it's not as bad as if she was calling the day before. Anyways, she says my payslip wasn't in and the Operations Manager needed it. Sighing, and a mild head slap I remembered I didn't drop that off my last night shift. Groan. I fired off my Operations Manager an email and then got showered to go out. So much for sleeping in after a night of tossing and turning.

My OP is a nice guy, temperamental at times but nice enough. He's on the phone when I get there and he's talking. Then I realize he's starring at me, when he was talking so I don't know if it's directed at me or not. Turns out it is but he never got off the phone. So I just put my pay slip on his desk and he signs off on it and put it in his desk. The entire time he is talking to a guy on the phone and then sometimes to me. Afraid I'll answer the wrong question or that he'll miss some of the other guys question I bolt it out. I get the stink eye from that supervisor that I 'love'. Argh Supervisor JR, one of the few people I can't stand. When I used to work on all the watches, I got stuck with her a few times. I don't really hate anyone but I highly dislike her. She's rude to the officers, she acts like she's god on a power trip and she's overly critical of the new people. I swear if she could she'd start a flood to drown all the low lives, however she would make it last for 80 days and to hell with telling anyone to build an ark. She is the one that said I should have never been hired and if she was on the committee I wouldn't have been, because when I first started I didn't know the area that well. I wasn't going to waste my breath telling her I made up for that by studying maps, going on ride alongs with our officers and having friends drive me around like crazy. Thanks, bro, dad, bobby, robin, cory, leslie, calvin, sam, gilroy and JJ. I may have started not knowing the area but that's a learnable skill that I gained in a month.

Anyways those kind of people aren't worth arguing with, you can't win. So I ignored her and left. Went to a walk in clinic because I've had this headache for a week and half, eat about 6 Tylenol a day and the shakes I just can't well, shake. I only have to wait a half hour which isn't bad at all. I see this guy who first off tells me he can't help with the shakes, go see my family doctor. Already explained that my family doc is over an hour away, I don't have a car, him and I don't get along and that I was in the process of finding a new one. So even though last night I had a shake that shook my entire body for three seconds and I passed out, not his concern. Whatever.

He deducted that my headaches were from lack of sleep, stress and that I'm not wearing my eyeglasses. Okay lack of sleep, I get that however it always takes me 2 hrs to get to sleep and I never stay asleep, always been that way. Stress ... well stress and me are best friends and I'm working on that. Who the hell doesn't have stress? Last possible cause, glasses. I am technically supposed to wear them for far away, things just look like blobs of colour the further it gets but the glasses I have, well they actually give me headaches. I went to the eye doctor two months after I got them and they said my lenses were fine, that was what ...grade 8 or 9? Haven't worn them since.

I don't know what I was expecting walking in there ... guy kept looking at his watch, it was near lunch, maybe I was keeping him from that. So here is what he left me with, sleep more, relax and take an Advil if you get a headache. Thanks doc!

On a happier ... well more amusing note. This walk in clinic was in a Superstore so I figured, heck why not pick up some groceries while I'm here. You know, justify the cab fare. So I'm starting, starting ... go down to the front door ... k. Pharmacy section ... ok, what ever I'm a Sobeys girl so maybe this is how Superstore does it. Going around ... laundry section ... mixed in with canned goods ... ok. I can't even find the carts or baskets yet. Then I hit the meat section ... then clothing? What? clothes? Toys sections? Still no baskets or carts. Chip aisle ... baking goods ... something i don't know what it was but it was white and it floated in a jar with green liquid ... I was lost.

Eventually I came to the baking section at the far corner, veggies and this ... chicken and taters stand thingy. Got a few things in my hand, still no baskets or carts, arms are getting tired. Wander around for a bit more, found a discarded basket on a pile of dark purple fruit. No idea what the heck those were. Actually I'm not even sure they were fruit. Like a pomegranate except purple! In a half hour I wandered around long enough to get more or less enough stuff, 11 items.

When I was done I went outside and called for my cab. He asked which door. Confusion again? Which door? Looking down, now that I was outside I could see there was a second door, a massive second door ... hmm. Maybe that was the front door and I went through the whole thing backwards. Maybe they had carts down there ... such is my life, going through it ass backwards. Ha ha. Oh well. I was happy, I bought a cheesecake!!!!

911 at 2 am

Me: 911, what is your emergency?
Woman: My son is three years old.
*long silence*
Me: Okay, he's three ... and?
Woman: Well he's only three and he is watching this show on the television and a man swore.
Me: Okay ... well what's the emergency?
Woman: He's only three, he shouldn't listen to swear words. Don't you think?
Me: Generally, I don't have a personal opinion but I'm going to say no. At three, probably shouldn't be hearing swearing. Is that it?
Woman: Well I don't think they should swear on tv. I thought they weren't allowed to. So they would be breaking the law.
Me: Mame, I have a quick fix for you.
Woman: Okay.
Me: Got the remote handy?
Woman: Yes I have it now.
Me: Well either turn the channel or turn it off. Is your phone number *secret phone number*?
Woman: Yes, but isn't this illegal? Shouldn't I report it?
Me: Not on 911 ... well not to the police actually. If you have an issue with the television show ... you don't call the police . Call the station or something.
Woman: But it's two in the morning ... there'd be no one there.
Me: That it is Mame.
Woman: So you want me to take the law into my own hands?
Me: Mame I really can't discuss this further on 911. If you'd like to contact our general inquires number I can provide that to you. However they won't be able to help you either. If you feel that a swear word is inappropriate for your three year old to hear, while he is awake at two in the morning, contact the television station on Monday.
Woman: Well you were no help at all.
Me: Have a good night, Mame.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Days off = Gingerbread and Relax

Ahhh days off. How I missed thee. Sleep, a long lost friend, lol. It's the end of my third day off, one more for me and then back at her. Some days off feel like I never left work, either I'm at court for my 911 tapes, at a training session (which I don't mind) or doing overtime. Not this set, nope. This set of days off is for me, me, selfish me.

First day off. Slept. Glorious. Got in lots of sleep. Hmm ... hot dogs for lunch, grunge-aliscious. Stayed in PJ's and watched a movie, old tv shows on dvd and this super, intense dinosaur show. Wow, it was good. Oh yeah, there was also ice cream. Woot.
Second day I had to take a shower, got changed, but not much else. I wrote a lot on that day and organized the sketches I would need to do for it. Also drew the cover for the book I'm writing. Third day was the most productive of them all. Scrubbed down my apartment and did a load and half of laundry. Would have had two loads but the second washer spit up dirt on half the load, which is weird and I was told had something to do with them not being cleaned. I dunno, I guess I just always assumed the washer was the cleanest place to be. So now I have towels and stuff draped over my doors in my apt, not worth the coin to dry them. My cat, Lee, also got into something but I'm not quite sure what. It got all gunked in his fur on his back and stuck out like two pyramids. So ... bath time. Guess who just got voted mother of the year? (yes I do think of him as my child in a fur suit, if I have to clean up his shit, his mess, feed him, play with him, love him when I pissed at him, he IS my child for the time being.) He is pretty good about baths, he thinks he's a dog. If I let him put his head in my hand, he won't move that much. Well the two gunk chunks wouldn't move so I ended up hauling him out, drying him off and cutting them out. Now he has two brown spots on his back from where there is less fur. Also did his nails while I had him. After all that, not two minutes later he was cuddlin on my lap. He forgives quick.

This evening my brother Randy and his roommate Devin came up to build a gingerbread train. Now this is not my or their idea, not really. My mother bought it for me, for Randy and I to do. I'm not quite sure why, maybe she doesn't remember what happened last year. Last year we did a house and it collapsed. Oh mothers of the world ... perpetual misplaced faith in their young. *sigh*. We called in reinforcements, only to learn that Devin had never done one in his life ... lovely. So we tried to build this train thing, not coming along too too bad. I ordered in supper for all of us, cause hey when do I get to see them. Supper comes just after we got everything stuck in place, no candy yet, just the skeleton set up. We set that aside to harden while we go at sup sup. For me, poutine. My bro got poutine and donair, Devin got 2 piece fish and chips.

After Din we played a round of Mario Party 2. I was, and always is, Yoshi! Yoshi rocks! My bro got DK, like always and Devin got Luigi. Peach was the computer player, which we ganged up on, because of an old grudge. Computer always gets stuck with Peach. After the game we went back to the gingerbread train and frosted it up and stuck candy on it. Well it was a train ... train wreck maybe. Lol. The fun was making it though and Devin, for never having done one, got a kick out of it. I've also posted pictures of it. Don't laugh, this is 3 twenty some year olds having fun and not trying to be professional. There was frosting everywhere! Candy balls stuck to the couch, candy disks and junk just all in the carpet. Had to vacuum there a few times. Randy and Devin were so sick by the time they left. They both ate a good chunk. Hmmm I'm not quite sure how long we were supposed to leave it up for ... meh.

That about wraps it up. Tomorrow I plan to get a few groceries, rearrange ALL my furniture to be away from the heaters and wash my sheets.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Can't we all just get along! *Vent warning*

Can't we all just get along!!

Thus was the reoccurring theme of my last night shift. For about four hours it was back to back 911 calls, over flow 911 calls, alarm calls, non emerge calls all screaming to be answered and to top it off we were short staffed. A bare skeleton crew we did what we could with what we had and sometimes it wasn't a pretty sight. People I knew to be strong people looked weak and broken and one strong introvert was actually crying and had to take five. There was no relief in those four hours when Crazy Town blew up in a hell fury. I don't even exaggerate a little, we had murder calls, robbery calls, physical disturbances, serious motor vehicle accidents with injuries, weapons calls. Every call was serious. All but one which was a noise compliant call on 911 to which I had actually 'raised my voice' at him. I transferred him off 911, apologized and then so did he. I explained we were flat out and that 911 couldn't be used for that purpose. Didn't get to take his noise complaint as we were still flat out and he ended up hanging up.

I was exhausted, my head was pounding something awful, my chest hurt, my back hurt and I was actually losing my voice. It seemed like I had to ask every single question at least three times to either get an answer or the appropriate answer. Like 'what kind of knife' and the answer being, 'I have employees.' Fail! I fail you!

Our murder call was brutal and had hollers over the dispatch air and dozens of officers all talking at once, trying to get critical information in. A co-worker, AP, the one who cried took the blunt of that call trying to get information from a woman who seemed to be only capable of saying 'get them here now!' and then hanging up. I was trying to help her, calling for ambulance, updating them and handling that side but it was clear the whole night was starting to chip away at her. After the call, she needed five. I don't blame her. It was bad. She also had chest pains though,headaches, arm pains and felt sick. Turns out there were four of us with the same symptoms. You can only throw so much at people, we were at our limit and still going further. I am very proud of my team, because we did it. Hurt like hell but it got done.

One weapons call I took could have been very serious and gruesome. It could have been down right deadly, murder of at least two people. Thankfully the suspects stupidity saved them. He had come to their store armed with a very long knife and seemed to be high. He was stabbing at the door trying to push it open. God knows what exactly he had planned. Robbery? Intimidation? Murder? He eventually gave up because he couldn't get the door open and the owner was on the phone with me. He took off running. The store owner was upset, obviously because the door was unlocked. It was a pull door, not a push door. If the suspect had just taken a second to pull the door he would have gotten in and I would have had a different call.

Things started calming down, thank god. It seems right at the point when we physically and mentally could not take anymore calls it stopped. Flat out the phones stopped ringing, all at once.
It was funny, one of my coworkers shot up and yelled for the supervisor, saying the phones were broken. We actually all checked our phones and yup they were working, just no calls. whew. It was at this point everyone broke out the pills, ran for bathroom breaks we'd been holding off on, getting water and getting a bit to eat. Our symptoms began to fade and we were still tired but feeling more capable now. One of my coworkers, who wasn't from our watch but ordered in, started talking about a murder last cycle. It was one I was involved with and I found, strangely enough, that it bothered me to hear about it. To even hear her go over the details made my stomach and chest hurt all over again, I guess I wasn't ready to hear it again. I felt so bad about that call, like I hadn't been able to do enough to save that victim, though I understand there was nothing more I could do. There was no saving the vic even if ambulance and police teleported there. He was dead before I got him. Just things you think about.

I don't know what the heck is happening in our city these last few cycles, the calls are intense and numerous, the powers that be in the offices are breathing down our necks and scolding us for every trivial detail. We have a new superintendent that is taking care of our division who has made it clear in the past that he does not like our department. Him overseeing us was not his choice and from his rude emails to us, tell us it's going to be a long while before we can lift our heads up at all. I miss our old superintendent, he defended us from our departments, the public, to his own superiors. He actually came in and got to know us, chatted with us. When we had a serious forest fire last year and we were having a nutso gonzo night, he brought us pizza and his dog came to visit! He also was there for me personally. While I was on one of the first rounds of medications (they were trying different ones to see which would work) I began to be affected by it and not in a good way. I don't really remember much of that day because apparently I looked stoned, I was crying over everything and as the day went on I looked more and more like death warmed over. I had been yjacking that day, thank god I wasn't on calls and had left the floor for a few minutes. Apparently I was pacing in the hallway when he saw me. I remember this part vaguely. I just remember he was able to 'herd' me into the locker room and make me realize that I was not me and that I was not okay. He also ordered me to be seen by a doctor right that very second. We compromised, I went to a walk in clinic and not the hospital. He got a co-worker to drive me and I ended up being off for two days until the medication was out of my system. I also wasn't allowed to be alone in that time so I stayed with my mother. He was there for me when I needed him, so he will be missed. This new superintendent has my doubts but I believe people can change. Got to give him a chance ... well another chance I guess.

I have to laugh, it's a means of survival for me. By the end of the day your grammar goes out the window. A caller had said he was robbed but then described his apartment broken into. In our area a robbery is theft plus either weapons or intimidation. Someone breaking into your apartment is just a B&E. I had asked this gentleman. "So was your apartment broken into or was you robbed?' My hand covered my mouth. "Was you robbed?" Oh god my English teacher would beat me if she heard that, thankfully my caller didn't seem to.

Well that was my vent, I love my job, I do. Some days though it feels the need to test me, to test all of us there. We did it, so I guess we passed.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Primary suspect

So I came in early again, cool, extra $$ that I didn't have before. I found out that full timers get this extra pay in December, from working holidays after and between certain late night hours. It comes out to an extra 600-700 bucks. Nice. Not for part-timers, like me though. I only work 3 hours less and the same late nights, *sigh* no extra monies for me. :( Someday I will be full time and work those 3 extra damn hours then get the bonus, vacation days, sick days, pay into the pension, pay raise and extra money when I get called in. Am I bitter? Nah, I'm next in line, woo!!!

Got a woman who called me on 911 today that was very hard to get through without being sarcastic, laughing or condescending.

Me: 911 what is your emergency?
Tired Mom: My son won't go to school.
Me: Excuse me?
Tired Mom: My son refuses to go to school. He just stands there.
Me: How old is he?
Tired Mom: Six.
Me: Excuse me?
Tired Mom: I need the police.
Me: Why? **thinking**oh you need something girlie but it ain't the police, it's a number 10 boot
Tired Mom: Because he won't go to school.
Me: Are you calling from *secret address* and is your phone number *secret phone number*?
Tired Mom: *annoyed huff* Yes.
Me: Does he have a weapon? (yes by this time I am annoyed and going through my 'normal' standard questions for 911 calls)
Tired Mom: What?
Me: Does he have a weapon? Gun, knife, bat, bear mace ...
Tired Mom: No no no
Me: Has he been drinking?
Tired Mom: What? He's six!
Me: Well I'm trying to figure out why you called 911. I'm taking you off 911 and transferring you to by non emergency line. Please hold.

So she ended up wanting us to come by and not only make junior go to school but to take him there as well. I ended up telling her that there was no way that I'd send an officer for that reason and that she, as the parent, would have to deal with him. She said I wasted her tax payer money and hung up. By the way I picked up a trait from one of my former bosses. I do cuss at the phone six seconds after they hang up so it's not on the taped line. It makes me feel better.

I remember one of my first bosses in an advertising business would be all sweet on the phone. This proper old British lady and then right after she put the phone down she'd cuss like a bloody sailor.

Last night shift was slow so they played a movie on the televising that was installed in case we had to watch 'up to the minute' weather forecasts during emergency disasters. Yeah, we watch movies and this jib jab thing on the Internet. It's this random thing where you can stick people's faces inside these animations and they do different things. They put one guy in it a lot and he apparently is a very talented dancer. Anyways I was talking to an officer, thank god, and was just logging him off for the night. We were chatting and suddenly a girl in the movie flashes the camera and I holler "Ack boobs!" Well the officer was intrigued and slightly confused. Embarrassing a little. I tried to explain ... let's just the conversation didn't get any better from there.

Just got done my second day today so now I have two nights to look forward to. Tomorrow I am assisting in the training of some new investigators which is cool. I wanted to role play a dead body but they wouldn't let me. :( I also volunteered to be the suspect and get arrested, but no. They wanted me to play dispatch. Fine. Next time I'm either the DB or the Perp. I uh ... passed down the option to be tased. Also have to face the malls after training and before shift to do some Christmas shopping and to try to pay off my mom's ring for Christmas. It's an interesting choice. Do I be tased or face the mall ... very hard choice here. Either way I'm going to be sore from head to toe and laying limp on the floor. At least the officers wouldn't trample me.