Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High winds

I will open by saying, garbage cans have the ability to fly. I seen it. They also have the ability to crash, entertaining. Needless to say we have a lot of wind here today and my day has been filled with the sounds of things being blown around, crashing and the tree that bends way to close to my windows for comfort. I can picture it coming down and crashing through my window while I'm in bed. Next horror movie.

The latest big crash was the big ole garbage bin thingys that people put out to their curb. I live in a 10 level apartment building so there are lots of things to go flying around. I don't understand when we get wind warnings and people don't take anything inside. Hearing the crash I go looking through my windows, nothing. So I go out onto the balcony, making sure the cat stays inside, because even though cats land on their feet ... I somehow think he'll be happier if those feet weren't airborne.

I can see the garbage bin flying through the parking lot, just blowing probably a foot or so off the ground and it's banging cars as it goes. Lovely. It finally comes to a rest against a house. Things are still being banged around so I look down, neighbor below me has this plastic stuff blowing off and there it goes across the parking lot. Kites can be inexpensive. She's losing some serious stuff though so I go to the 3rd floor to tell her. 1st thing, this third floor smells like fried chicken and Cheetos, a weird combination. 2nd, there are hearts and flowers everywhere. I am wondering who the hell lives on the third floor. Every door has some wooden sign thing that says welcome, or enter, or happiness stuff. It's also unusually warm.

No answer on the door with a big ole wooden heart that says Welcome. I tried. While leaving I tried to open the hallway door with my shoulder, it's how my floor has to open it's door, and ouch. Okay, so their door actually works and they get to use the knob. Getting back on my floor, the sixth, it's freezing. The vent things are open and all you can hear is the wind, there is a penis scratched into the wall and no happy sayings. It's all what you are used to. I unlock my door and I can't open it, have to again shoulder check it because the wind inside is keeping it closed. I do have my balcony open a little, need the fresh air circulation. My shoulder is a bit sore by now but I'm in and my cat comes running and crying. Great. What'd he break in the three minutes I was gone.

There on my balcony is more plastic, all pressed up against the door, trying to get in. Securing my big brave security cat in the bathroom I collect the plastic from my balcony and put it inside, that way it doesn't become a flying projectile again. All the while this old woman from the third floor is hanging her laundry, each time she put a sock on it blew off going across the parking lot.

Me: Mame you just lost a sock.
Older lady: Yes I have socks on.
Me: *sigh* Your bra just went across the parking lot.
Older lady is now feeling herself. : No, I'm not wearing one.
Me: *blinks* The clothes you are hanging up are blowing off.
Older lady looks at the line beside her. :They're gone!
Me: You got some underwear on that bumper. You might be able to catch it.

Older lady is now mortified and takes her laundry basket inside. Shaking my head I have returned inside as well, I don't really want to see an old lady's thong anymore today and I really don't want to go back to the third floor. Lee (my cat) is snoozing now, occasionally be woken up by insecure items and car alarms while I watch that tree the keeps looming towards my window.

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