Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween and Quirks

Tonight was quiet but full of quirky little things and I don't mean Officer EE. Guy looks like Mario, talks like a thug, gets into trouble like a rookie and is about hip height. Nice guy though, funny when he's not working. ANYways, off topic there. Started my shift with a domestic call. It kinda gets cookie cutter some calls. Woman screams, man yells, banging around, woman cries, police car rolls. This apartment has a history for domestic violence so we go code. Get there. 2 guys playing video games. Cops check the house, all clear. *head desk* Losing my faith in my witnesses.

Woman calls 911 because her wood furnace is making strange noises, splashed water all over the floor and there is pressure in the pipes. She's grabbed the kids out of bed, threw them in the truck and hightailed down the road because she thinks it's going to explode. I'm shaking my head but hey, she thinks it's danger and she got out,that's cool. I just couldn't help but thinking how I had a hard time convincing people to leave a burning building. Maybe next time I'll mention the furnace has a rattle.

Oh last night was Halloween, not too bad at all. It rained all night though and it was Sunday. It was like being a kid really, everyone brought something in. I kept walking through different pods saying trick or treat. One girl brought cupcakes and well ... they were pretty looking but the icing was bitter. I tried to eat it in private because if I ate it facing my other coworkers they laughed at the faces I couldn't help but make. But I ate it! We also had mini chocolate bars, gummies, candy corn, chippies and Supervisor Plaid Jacket got all dressed up in this costume thingy and handed out candy. What a sight to see. Needless to say we got a few pictures.

Last night though we had 5 adults jump out of a van and threatened to beat the fuck out of a bunch of kids. Took their candy and then chased them through back yards. Sigh, what the hell.

Tonight we got a call for an injured person out cold in a bus terminal. We get there and the buddy is passed out after one too many Listerine bottles. We get him to come around and ambulance comes by for good measure. Turns out he's not fit for cells and needs to get transported to the hospital for clearance. Alls good. Then I get a call saying the hospital refuses to accept the man because he has no ID, at all. Uh ... he's homeless, he never has ID, he comes to the hospital and cells so much he's got his own coffee mug. Poor paramedics are stuck with this drunk that they can't drop off and they really can't keep him either. It's one thing to bring a puppy home but ... something about drunk 50 year old men just doesn't fly. Officer GM who had worked the call has to go all the hospital, go with the charge nurse and paramedics and go, yup that's drunk jimmy. Patient went in, paramedics went on their way, cops went on their way. 10 mins later, paramedics are calling back. Hospital is refusing to keep him. He's too rude. Take him away. *head desk* We can't put him in cells until he's medically cleared, and they don't want to clear him because he's dropped too many f bombs. Cops were heading back as I was heading out the door.


  1. Ha! I wanna see those photos! Glad that the night wasn't too crazy it was rather calm here as well. We got 25 kids!! Dude we used to get ALOT more back home!!

    Loves ya!


  2. I don't know about canada, but down south here it is illegal for the hospital to turn someone away just cuz they don't have ID...

  3. Ha I know Jacks, I remember getting a hundred back when we were going out. Now they only get about thirty or forty. I wonder if they exagerated back in our day,lol. It was strange for sure, Faking Patience, never heard tell of it up here either.