Thursday, January 27, 2011

Training day blues

Training has been a bit rough, when I say rough, I mean I've never actually felt like crying before because I was so bored. I really didn't need someone to tell me how to find a screen on the computer that I have minimized or how to enter in an address. Seriously? If I didn't know how to do half of the things they were showing us, I'd be fired. It was all refresher but really? It was punishment. I don't know what I did yet but damn it must have been something awful.

3 out of the 5 in the class were from Hub Town so we took them on a tour for our centre. Out of everything they liked the fact that we each had a ceiling light that we controlled, so if we wanted it off, it would be off or on the brightest possible. Our Operations Manager was in there today and was in a good mood, which means 100% sarcasm can be expected. This wasn't my squad today, mine work tonight, just where I had to take the training during the day it was a bit funky. One of the Hub Town people's asked why there was an officer inside and I simply replied. "He lives here. We fed him once and now he won't leave." She gave the impression like she believed me, just nodding her head. So I added. 'I'm just glad he's housebroken. That and he keeps the crazies away." Now she just shook her head and pointed her finger at me.

The OM decided he wanted to play too, he added that officers weren't normally allowed on the floor. Again the HubTown girl seemed to believe him, he can act so serious and realistic when he's bullshitting you. Sometimes you really don't know when he's joking or not. Of course the girl asks why. The OM said with a straight face. "Because, they keep stealing our women when we let them in." Which ... I dunno ... we only have 3 .. 5 or so that are married to cops. Well I can only think of 5 married to our boys and four are married to fire fighters. The other girl from Crazytown with me couldn't argue, her husband was the Sergeant!

Of course we had 'lovely' training devices. They played an audio file of a call taker using the language line and how it worked. It was only a reenactment but you had a woman underneath the bed whispering and the call taker keeps asking her louder and louder 'MAME CALM DOWN!' Was kinda of funny. Highlight of training.

The other girl from Crazytown who was with me, we do not get along but we try to act civilly. I brought my own lunch from home both days just because I don't really trust catered or new food all that much. It's just not worth having a reaction over, possible hospitalization, steroids, surgery and 6 weeks off work. Not for melon. However she kept at me both days to just have a little of the food. Uh ... no? Melon or possible hospital? She didn't get it though. Yeah the melon probably wouldn't have hurt me but right now I'm not willing to risk new foods.

Had lovely weather for walking home. Rain, then hail then a big gust o' wind. So far the day wasn't exactly great so I had to perk it up a bit. Chinese. :) Chow mein, something I have had for many many years as an 'ahhhh' food.

Wrapped up in a blanket, writing my book and having some Fresca. Cat is on my feet, got some tunes and a pillow calling my name. Life does not get much better.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goodbye and Goodluck

I had a lot of fun doing the dinner party up and I looked forward to seeing everyone. I spent the morning cleaning and the afternoon cooking. The beef wellington came out perfect, which was great cause the slab of meat cost about 36$. Very nice and tasty cut though. Made some chicken soup to start, where the carrot was a no go, too ... yucky (tried it the week before). Then had a salad and then the main course. People were stuffed, which was a good sign, ushered them into the living room, had the fire place (fake) going and some candles on. Settled them in and got them some coffee and desserts. Banana bread and pumpkin roll was a hit, didn't have time to make the dumplings. It was very good but like how I found most things in life are ... it doesn't last. I thought I had escaped it this time, I had hugged my dad goodbye, both my brothers and then it was just me and my mom and her boyfriend (he's sweet). We chatted for a little bit but I knew something was up. She had bought me a little wolverine lunch box for my kid bin. I've got this huge tupperwear bin thing that I house little things I want to give to my kids, whenever I have them. Like jean lookin kinda diapers, how cool is that? They might not have them when I have my kids. Anyways, I thought it was cool, cause wolverine is my thing, I collect a lot of the stuff, but that wasn't it. She hadn't let me touch it most of the night and I figured that was her playing keep away, like she likes to do.

When she held onto it this time, there was something in her eyes. She touched Bill, (her boyfriend)she touched his leg and then looked at me. She was crying and still holding the lunchbox. Now I'm worried. If the strongest woman I know is crying ... that's enough to make me cry right there. I simply said to her. "Tell me."

She said that I had asked her to tell me when I was home. And then I knew. My dog was gone. I had a shepherd mix growing up, called Sheba. She was my dog. She was the most awesome dog ever. Never really liked anyone out the family that much but she was so sweet to us.

Growing up we were told we would never get another dog. We had one before but I don't remember that well, I was too little. My BroBro and me always went into the pet store in the mall because we liked to look at the animals. This day they had the shepherd/Keeshond/lab puppies. They looked like straight up sheherds with curly tails, we loved them. We loved them sooo much. Mom went looking to find us but always knew where we were. She looked to me, to my BroBro and then the dogs and said No Way. She herded us out of the store and we eventually went home. All the way home we talked about the dog, how we wanted one, how cute they were and the millions promises to take care of it. My father was away for a few months during this time, he came home a bit but worked most of it. There had been a serious multi agency disaster that he had to be on site for. She called him because we kept at her long enough. His words. "No. Don't you ..." Which lead to "....fine." We drove all the way back to the mall which is in another city and went right back to the pet shop. Our hands on the glass windows we looked over each of the little bundles, knowing one would be ours. I had been 11 at the time and my brother was 13, but we acted like 5 year olds giggling and laughing, the dogs had their paws up on the glass looking right back at us. They all were running around, like they knew it too. All except for one. One was curled up in the corner and had her back to everyone. She didn't want to play with them and didn't want to see us.

The store clerk told us that the puppies had been abandoned and all of them had been rescued during a storm. We determined that one was bitter about it, probably didn't trust people and wouldn't come to see us. It was the first time I heard this quote, it was something along the lines of "Those who are the hardest to love are the ones who need it most". That dog needed us. It needed to be loved. We wanted her. The clerk asked us if we were sure and said she'd bring it out just in case. She brought it out and the dog didn't look at us. She looked away and was shaking. I held her, this little fur ball that shook like she was crumbling. We spoke softly to her, and patted her. This was the dog for us. She wouldn't walk on the leash, well ...she wouldn't walk at all. We were advised to give her a choke chain for her as she'd be a big dog. We did and it has ALWAYS been very loose on her. It was her bling, her necklace. She hated any collar we put on her so she'd always just have the chain. She squatted her butt down and wouldn't move. So we picked her up again and carried her to our van. Of course between two kids she had to sit in between us. She was very scared in the van, she didn't like it and whined. We took her home and let her see it as hers too.

Over time she softened up and began to run around foolishly and to bark and play. She would run to greet us and lick our faces. She never trusted people who came to the door and would bark at them to protect her turf. I remember when I was home alone, which didn't happen a lot at that age. I had an overactive imagination and before long I envisioned terrible things happening. I was afraid of the house burning down or that someone might break in. Sheba and I sat in the middle of the living room, I had a bag packed just in case I had to run out the door. She never let me though I'm sure she was confused as to what I was afraid of. She spent almost every night on my bed and managed to push me into the crack between the bed and the wall a few times.

I have a memory of waking up to the sound of her growling. I was afraid cause I could see her head, her teeth, she was snarling and the hackles were raised. I looked up at the door and my mother had just closed it behind her. Sheba stopped growling but watched the door for as long as I could remember before I fell asleep. I asked my mom what she was doing the next day and she told me she was just putting one of my shirts back into the room. She had decided against it when Sheba growled. I felt very safe from then on, knowing that if anyone ever did break into our house and tried to come in my room, she would protect me.

These were the memories that came back to me in a flash. I almost couldn't hear my mother talking tonight. I knew Sheba had bad hips, that things were getting harder for her. She was peeing in her sleep and a hard time getting up. Today, this morning she couldn't get up at all. She was in pain. When my dad tried to help her up she tried to bite him. All of her hurt. Sheba was 12 almost 13 years old. Today was the last day she was going to suffer. Mom and dad got her in the car, and they took her to the vet. They said it was very peaceful, and I have to believe that.

As I opened up the lunchbox, her chain was coiled at the bottom. I cried. They soon left and I was alone with it. My cat, Lee, sat on my lap and I patted him for awhile. Then I drank a lot of wine while cleaning the dishes going over the memories.

She was a good dog. She was my best friend growing up. I told her all my secrets, my dreams and my confessions. Good luck girl. Goodbye and good luck.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Training and trashing the place

My BroBro came over tonight, which was a great idea on days off ... not so much tonight. Found out that I have to come in early tomorrow for a 6 hr training exercise, lovely 4:30 start time just means an early night tonight. Glad the last Monday is under my belt, I do not like them and they do not like me. It's been accepted. Got called into the Assistant Manager's office right off the bat, and I'm freaking out slightly in my head because on days off I dreamt that this had happened and she threw 2 cycles worth of calls on her desk and said not acceptable then tossed me outside into a snowbank. Thank goodness all she wanted to say was that I forgot to submit my payslip, (again, whoops!) and to do that first thing. Right away! Just don't toss me in a snowbank, I uh ... had to explain that to her.

Two feet from her office my supervisor, JP called me in to his office and shut the door. I believe Mama Fargo said it best in her post, 'Fuck me in the ass!' aragh. That is actually a saying up here as well. This was not starting out great. Turns out he just wanted to ask me how I was, cause apparently I was upset looking when I left last night shift, that were his words. He wanted to make sure I was ok. I was fine, just the office politics get to me some nights more then others. All good.

Well ... I broke four things today, sigh. I was harassing/playing with Dispatcher Grumpy, poking him, pushing the movable light around his desk and then I leaned against the half wall. No sooner had I done that, a loose half wall panel fell off and broke onto the floor. "Whoops."
Thrown out of the pod, yet again. Broke my computer, my pencil (right in half) and my shoe lace.
We had this call about a cat. It was sad. I hated the human race that moment. This ... can't even call her woman, this female human like life form, had been evicted and moved out of her apartment. She left behind her cat inside a carrier. When the maintenance people came in to change the locks, they found the cat screaming. There was blood in the carrier underneath it, it's face was bloodied and I could hear it over the phone. She hadn't been there in days, maybe a week. It was starving, sitting in shit and injured. That human like life form is lucky it wasn't dead. Or there would be one pissed off call taker on a rampage. I couldn't do anything but I'd rampage. I hate violence/neglect/sexual assault on animals and children, god those break my heart. We had a sexAssault case on a cat last year ... I wanted to sooooo do something more then curse under my breath.

Onto different news I have training next cycle as well ... yey ... sorta. It's 2 days of sitting in a room for our 911 refresher training. It's going to be painful. The 911 training was painful, like you're looking at your pencil wondering how much it would hurt to shove that in your eyes. The refresher is going to be so boring. Another call taker was trying to make me see the good in it, at least it's 2 days you don't have to be here. 1, I like here, 2, it's 911 training! 3, god I'd rather take a robi! At least then I know I won't fall on my pencil and skewer my eye 'accidentally'.
All good all good. I was making my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and my brother laughed at me. I put them in two reusable lunch bags that I got free from subway. I don't know if he was laughing at my breakfast or that fact that I kept it separate from my lunch. They're two different meals, two different bags. Breakfast, banana, half baggy full of cheerios and a half peanut butter sandwich (1 piece folded in half).

Got to go, it's late and it's a long day tomorrow

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well endowed snowman and future plans

Last night shift was filled with people getting on each others nerves so I bunkered down and tried to wait out the storm. We have a good group of people working but up in dispatch we're mostly women and I think some how they all start PMSing at the same time. It's chaos. If there were weapons we'd all be dead. One dispatcher has the ability to snap at someone beside her, turn in 1 second to be sweet on the radio and then snap back and continue yelling at the other peson. It's talent, the voice is like a roller coaster going up and down so fast. I'd laugh but uh ... the lying low part.

The night sort of goes like that too, we'll all be laughing and then the next second someone is trying to murder the other with their eyes. Poor, poor Fire Dispatcher, retired FireChief, he's one of two guys on our shift and he's hiding in the fire pod. The other guy is Dispatcher Grumpy and he can fling shit with the best of them.

On one particular leveling out of the hormones, we had a funny call that had two of them in tears laughing. Turns out somone was getting creative out there in that fresh batch of snow. In the midst of this 'snow storm' (right) someone built a snow man with some man parts. Hee. The officers who went said it was a six foot penis. HA! The people even coloured it pink and had branches for hair. Oh god that was creative. But it had to be be smashed cause it was causing a disturbance. The person who made it said the guy who called it in was just suffering from penis envy.

Of course, someone, somehow goes and gets a picture of it before it is ... disassembled(can't say how in case someone from my ... management comes across the blog and goes after that person). That caused another laughing spree up in dispatch and a few giggles to come across the air. I had to double check the address cause my first thought was, damn BroBro this ain't the RedNeck Town where you can get away with it.

Alas what goes up, goes down. I took a call about a manhole cover that had lost it's lid and a 11 year old kid fell in it but thankfully was caught before he went too far. Ouch, so I got a hold of the city to go fix it. Sure they'll go right out. Cool. All done. Was not to be. They called back and said it was a private road and they'd have no part of it. What? Your kiddin? Ok. Plan B. Only other person would be the housing authority, by popular request of my podmates. I give them a call no answer. I am lost now because we have no one else to go. I put in a police call cause hey maybe we can find the damn thing or put cones around it so that nobody else falls in while we're looking for someone to call. I know the dispatcher it's going to is ... well, let's just say she's opinionated and overheating. I call our Watch Commander, someone who is in charge of the entire police force for Crazy town and I ask him what he thinks. He's a nice guy and says to enter a call and have a member look for it, makes me feel better cause that's what I was thinking. Well no sooner then I me putting down the phone did that Dispatcher have a fit. She demanded me to tell her why police would be going. "Uh? City won't respond, no answer at the housing authority and the Staff Sergeant agreed with me putting a call in." Thank god I called him so I'd have something to back me up at least, this guy would do. He wouldn't change his decision just because it was unpopular, I admire that about him. She again demanded, at a loud voice just exactly what I wanted police to do? Starring at her blankly I look back down to my call and read verbatim what I had written. She again stated that this wasn't a police call. I admitted it wasn't our normal function but an 11 year old barely avoided serious injury if not death, those things are deep. Her only response was that would be the city's fault. I am fortunate enough to know when there are words building up inside that could get me in trouble so I held most of them back. I simply told her the Watch Commander also thought this was appropriate and sat down. I wasn't fighting with her anymore, if she didn't like it she could take it up with him. She never did and an officer was sent. The lid was broken in half. Calls were made, the city decided they would go out anyways because of the potential for danger. It wasn't what I needed that night, my head was killing me.

Sometimes I feel in that place there is a constant demand for you to explain yourself and every single action that you do. I don't mind giving my reasons but there comes a point where if we are going to work together you have to trust me. You have to trust that I can make a right decision. My age has come up a lot. I started there when I was 20 and now I'm only 23 and the youngest by about a decade, most of them are late forties and have been doing the job a long time. I don't know, I can only keep telling myself, do a good job, do good work and they'll eventually trust me or retire. Either way, problem solved.

I'm having a dinner party on the 22 and am super stoked for that. Making carrot soup, salad, beef wellington, stuffed double baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots. For desert pumpkin roll, banana bread and apple dumplings. A lot of work but it will be good to see the family again.

Also plans on getting a house soon. Sooner then I had first thought. My mother is building a duplex out in Crazy town but essentially it will be two 2 level houses stuck together. I'd get one and she'd get the other. We've been going over designs and got it tweaked just right. The next choice is do I want to pay rent of 1000$ a month or pay a mortgage and own my side? We're going to talk to the bank to see what's best and what we can do. I have good credit and have had loans before. So getting a vehicle this summer and might be in a house by December. Exciting stuff. When I get a house I am getting 2 dogs, not at the same time, but one will be for sure a German Shepard, maybe 2 of them.

Well that's all for now, on days off, which is a welcome break.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday dayshift fun

Not a bad day at all today, second day shift, minus the fact it was a Monday day which can make it crazy. Everyone and their dog calls in. For ever 10 calls we get, about 1 goes in so when our queues start filling up it means we are flat out on the phone. Joked with an officer about whether I was going to log him off or not, when he asked I just said. "hmmmmm nope." Threw him for a loop which was fun. However he will mail me a muffin and come in for my shift tomorrow if I would so I did. I am expecting my muffin lol though I won't hold my breath. I came in early for a shift today and I was logging a member on, I knew he was tired and I was feeling particularly mischievous.

Officer: Can you log me on?
Me: No.
Officer: Can I go home then?
Me: Nope.
Officer: Oh ... can I ... hmm ...
Me: Nope.
Officer: You're mean. Did you get your coffee?
Me: Going to tell the Sargeant on me? Big bad call taker won't log you on?
Officer: I might, he's cranky too, he'll get you.
Me: Threat! Threat! Taped line.
Officer: Crap. Can't prove a thing.
Me: Taped line.
Officer: Crap
Me: Totally.
Officer: What if ... I say please?
Me: Works for me!
Officer: Miss calltaker up there in the sky, can you please log this tired officer so he can protect the stupid public from their own stupid mistakes?
Me: Aww ... miss calltaker ... hee. Sure. Officer number?
Officer: 12345
Me: Unit number
Officer: UnitCoolcar
Me: Phone number?
Officer: 333-3333
Me: Portable number?
Officer: T111
Me: Credit card number?
Officer: 345 ... hey! You are mean!
Me: Can't blame a girl for trying.

Had a little bit more fun with him and sent him on his way. I have no idea what the officers will face in a day so try to make them laugh when I can. If nothing else I will be the 1 friendly voice they call. I don't know what was in the air today I had a streak for mischief. Moving cups around, hiding books, moving stools and I took the straps off a guys back rest. He's a funny older guy and he looks at me and says. "One of these days you are going to piss a guy off and he is going to marry you."

"What???? But then he'll leave the toilet seat up! And get cooties everywhere. And ... and then he'd have to live with me." I remembered the line from the Home Alone movie, "When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone!"

He shakes his head and throws a chocolate at me. At least now I know where they were coming from all this time.

Few frustrating calls but mostly good ones. Oh and Kennyo your shift didn't want to work my first day eh? Thanks for trying. Good day all in all. Lots of laughs, and lots of pranks that no one will ever know who did them ... hee.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Phobia 1 Kat 0

I have to get a 2 hr infusion every 2 months, which really isn't bad when it enables me to be pain free and have the ability to walk. The only thing is my phobia can't seem to get a grip of that. I have this major fear of needles that you would think would go away with 50+ easily last year. Nope, worse then ever. It's not even that 2-3 second prick, it's the entire thing. About a week before it's time I have trouble sleeping, frequent nightmares and progressively stopping eating until the day of I've not eaten at all. I force myself to be well hydrated, 4 litres the day before, 2 the day of. Slight glitch this time around, the last time I was in the hospital they killed my good vein. I mean it's dead. Not coming back. It's time of death is etched out on my knuckle, alongside RIP, you will be missed.

This morning I see that every vein in my hands read the memo the body sent out, beginning last week. They know it's coming and promptly buried themselves so that no one can get them and hopes that the prick can't find them. I start to freak out slightly, I say slightly because outside I calm however inside I am waiving my arms, running in circles, screaming and doing the hokey pokey. I get the idea to put gloves on, will keep it warm. So I go first to put on my emla cream. I've been used to the patches and this is my first time with cream. I dump a whole crap load on, and spread it evenly, then put on the little clear bandage wrap thingy I got from the hospital. It's stays but I become worried it might fall off so I put scotch tape all around it. Feeling good. Then I wonder if they might want to use the other hand, I wouldn't have time to prep it as the Emla takes an hour. So I do the second hand too but I run out of scotch tape ... I found packaging tape and wrapped my hand. Now my hand won't open, oh well, still got one good hand. Both hands have gloves on them, cool ... but what if the veins wont come up? What if this wasn't warm enough? I text Jacks ... 'help me!!!!!!!!!!! code red! veins have gone awol!' Her suggestion was a magic bag to warm them up but I dont's have one. They might have had one at the clinic but would they want to wait to heat my hands up? But, but, I have rice!

I go to the cupboard ... no rice. Ah! Text my dad, do you have rice? Do you have a magic bag?
He wasn't in Crazy Town today ... dammmmmnnn. Okay ... corn nibblets in a baggy ... yeah. Fill two baggies full of corn and tossed them in the microwave. Heat them up and stick them on the back of my hands. Feeling proud of myself a moment ... then I realize, how am I going to keep these on? I was just about out of packing tape too .... Mittens! I go and grab mittens and put them over top, so now they are holding the corn baggies on.

Call a cab, very hard by the way, I don't recommend it with this handwear. I go to Subway first to see my BroBro as it is right next to where I have to get my infusion. I get a sandwich and drink , then I realize .... I can't open my fresca! :( Good BroBro, he opens it for me, my hands are like pincers. Sandwich also hard to eat but manageable. My bro reheats my corn in his microwave and I stuff them back in my mitts.

I walk into the clinic and sit in the big comfy chair, the nurse at first was happy and said, 'you wearing mittens? It's plus degrees out there?" I explained the contents of my mittens and she shakes her head. "Why scotch tape and packing tape?

"I couldn't find the duct tape."

"I take it you have a slight phobia of needles?"

"Slight ... I keep having to remind myself I'm not going to die."

"You look so calm."

"It's a gift. Calm on the outside, freaking out in chaos on the inside." It's amazing, I can handle robberies, suicides, homicides, seen dead bodies splattered about or decomposing but a little needle, nope, no go. Once she unpackaged me she pricked the needle in, my veins were up!!!!!!! And I was on my way.

P.S. I thought I kicked the phobias ass, alas it was not to be. Needle was taken out and there was a heat blister on my hand and both were numb for hours. I bend my hands back at the wrist, going towards me, and it felt like I had beanbags on the back. Oh and they were swollen, and I had these imprints from the tape ... and a heck of a bruise. My mom said afterwards, at least you didn't pass out again. I fail to see how that is a plus ... last time I passed out when I woke up the IV was in and it was all done. I figured that was pretty easy and painless for both of us. Okay ... phobia 1, Kat 0.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A good end to a not so pleasant start

Third day off my brother was in a car accident, where his veh was badly damaged and the other was a write off. Both drivers went to the hospital on their own. My brobro is okay, bit of whiplash and lower back pain. Apparently when the officer came on scene, the first thing he said to him was

BroBro: Do you know Kat Rhett? She works in Dispatch.
Officer DP: Uh ... yes. (he's not my watch now but I worked every watch for almost a year so I know most of the guys at least by name)
BroBro: Don't tell her.

He later called me while he was driving his car to the hospital while it was all busted up. I walked down and met him there. We spent most of the day there and we had this talk. I want to say it was talk that wasn't like our normal ones. He's always the jokester, it's where I learned from but he is the king. Now he was serious and we had a good talk about how short life is. I told him that we die when we are supposed to and not before.

4th day off, I was at my computer, my cat, Lee, was asleep on the second bed. I go into the kitchen to start supper and not five minutes later I hear him scream. I mean it sounds equal to someone taking his leg and snapping it in half. I run to him of course but he is hissing, rolling on his back and still screaming. I call the emerg vet and they say to bring him. He starts crying and rubbing my leg, almost like he's begging me make the pain stop. I didn't know what was wrong with him, I checked him over, no blood or anything. I was scared out of my mind, he is like my kid. I rush him to the vet, via taxi and they take him. While we're waiting in the office, out of the waiting room, I am holding him and he is shivering. I'm near tears at this point, just holding him and trying to sooth him. The vet checks him over and figures he has a bladder infection but that I'd have to collect his urine to be sure. She didn't know why it hit him so fast and hard. I took him home because he was so stressed. He calmed down and I had to force feed him pills. Owner of the year award, right here! He seems better today and they ran the tests on his urine, an infection so his pills will help him. One to get the infection, the other for pain. The bastard is pretty good at not taking his pills. I even put them in shrimp and he eats around it. I essentially have to sit on him, crane back his head, pry his mouth open, shoot them down, and close his mouth with head up so he doesn't spit them back out. He was getting pretty good at it this morning. He could even shoot them back into my hand. Talented bastard. I didn't think it would take me 40 mins to get him 2 pills so I was late for work, didn't get my breakfast didn't sleep well, still had my headache and shakes and now my neck was killing me. I was in a super mood.

Ended up eating my lunch for breakfast so when my lunch time came around there was nothing. It was all good because my dad ran out to take my cat's bottled pee to the vet so they could test it so there wasn't time to eat. My stars though when I came back after lunch the officers had brought up this ham dinner. I was confused, since the one who brought it up couldn't cook ... at all, i mean toast is like as far as he goes. Turns out it was a hotel restaurant chainy thing, Ramda Inn or something that donated it. Cool! We had two tables of officers on the dispatch floor eating this ham dinner with scalloped potatoes, veggies and cheesecake. Of course it was for us too. Score! Lunch!

After lunch our supervisors hands out chocolates donated by a towing company? What why does everyone love us all of a sudden? Are they poison? I was suspicious but not enough to resist one. My podmate was also cranky (in the morning) so we spent the afternoon having a 'bitch session' about things that pissed us off. We both felt better after it and no officers or dispatchers were harmed during it, (can't promise the public). Came home tonight, still full from the ham dinner. Sat on my cat, hurled the pills down his throat and then fed him his supper. I must say I'm developing a technique. Day is winding down and it is far better then what I thought it was going to be. Hey, I don't mind being wrong now and then. :)