Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Airplanes and Seat belts

Last night was pretty slow for Crazy Town, nothing much happened at all. We had a shooting where a guy lost a good chunk of his leg to a shot gun but that was about it. It was so dull we came to the inevitable conclusion: Boredom equals trouble. Picture this, you have a room with 13 people doing nothing in tight spot. Let's see we had things flying over half walls, little poker game, coffee all round and of course a big ole gab session. One of my coworkers made a paper airplane, now she makes these things smooth, it is awesome. I waited until another coworker on the other side of a half-wall got a call and then sent the plane over. Direct hit! I may not be able to read lips normally but what she said was pretty clear. LOL!

Dispatcher Grumpy was in fire dispatch tonight so he was sort of hidden away. That didn't stop him from calling up this number that plays you the weather forecast and then conferencing it to my phone. I answer "Police and Fire communications, how can I ...." Then this lady is telling me about the weather. Of course me being me I start talking to her then quickly realize its a tape and that's on my secondary line. Next airplane went at his head!

To end the shift I got a ride home from one of the officers where I don't have a car and no one else was going home (I am technically part time which means I work 3 less hours). So I approach the car, and man I know I work with these guys and I know the officer inside is really nice but damn that car is still intimidating. I see it coming towards me and the only thing in my mind is "Run run run run." Officer JM lets me sit up front and he is typing up a report as he parks and I get in. I'm struggling with the seat belt now because it looks like it goes behind the seat itself. So I pull at it and doesn't it snap around and whip at my face. Turns out it had been buckled in but the strap pulled around back, done by the day shift guy. The whole right side of my face is on fire and I can't open my right eye. Poor Officer JM he is freaking because he forgot to warn me and now he's afraid I'm injured in his car. Means another report. I tell him I'm fine and try not to let him see the tears that are coming from that eye, I wasn't crying but the eye was still trying to flush out whatever had hit it. Of course he doesn't take my word for it and flicks the light on, which after a night spent mostly in the semi lite building, also makes me cringe, damn that white light. He looks it over and eventually my eye opens on its own but it's swollen a bit. The whole time he's saying sorry and I'm saying it's alright, I'm fine, stop fussing and then he continues to fuss. He then unbuckles the seat belt and I pull it around the other side, the sweet guy then takes it and buckles it in for me. The entire way home he is making me laugh and by the time I get out I feel a better and he laughs about what my neighbors are going to say. Screw the neighbors, that was fun, just next time I have to watch out for what's in the cop car and not the actual car.


  1. I enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Sounds like you have a fun crew there. What a lousy way to take a face shot--I bet the officer was feeling bad about that happening.

  2. Yeah for the most part our crew is amazing, a real team, few rotten apples but hey they make the rest of us look like angels. Lol. Yeah Officer JM even sent me a mdt message the next shift askin me how I was. how embarssing, lol. Glad you like my posts. :)