Sunday, September 12, 2010

Check points and projectiles

So we stopped a girl the other night, check points, oh how the public *loves* those. And she refused to give the officer any of her information. Flat out refused. Great way to start. Officer keeps asking her why and she eventually tells him because she can't find her license. Great. Officer asks her to step out of the car. She does and promptly falls on the ground. Officer asks her if she's ok. Big ole yup. Officer then asks her to get up and she sits up, leaning against her car. At this point we have another member coming just in case this thing turns. The senior member wants her to stand up and starts asking her questions but she can't answer them. Questions like what her name is. When asked why she couldn't her reply, and I quote "I am so fucking drunk I don't hella know. Why are you bothering me?" End quote. Needless to say someone lost their car and got a free tip downtown to the Ironbar Hotel. She was a crier too, cried and yelled all night long, booking officer was thrilled.

Apparently I am jinxed when it comes to equipment. I always seem to sit at the terminal when it's just about to blow up. It's come to the point where the tech knows me by name and when she comes to our center she comes straight to me and ask me what I did. Well today we discovered it is not limited to the terminals, oh no. I was just sitting there minding my own business, talking to a guy about a suspicious person (who turned out to rob the joint) when I felt a pain in my neck and heard a click sound.

Do you know how hard it is not to holler out when you are on a taped line. I could only imagine how that would sound. "So this guy was wearing a black bandanna around his aaahhhh!" I was able to wait until my call was done and to see what had hit me. I can already tell something is wrong with my headset because it feels a lot heavier. Turns out the little clipy thing that connects my headset to my shirt broke, whipped through the air and hit me. Got a big old red spot. Apparently though this does not count as a 'work place injury' and I have to continue to work to get my pay. Sigh. Oh well. With my luck I'll prolly get electrocuted next ...


  1. Ooohhhhh MAN!!! Girl!!

    You've been cursed like that as long as I've know you! And that's a hellavua long time!

    Happy late b-day btw :D!


  2. I know man. I love the technology but it doesn't like me! Lol. Tks for the bday wishes