Saturday, March 12, 2011

Green Socks

Me: 911 What is your emergency?
Mismatched: There is a fight going on in the apartment above me.
Me: Alright. Is your address *secret address* and your phone number *secret number*
Mismatched: Yes.
Me: Okay is it a verbal fight or ...
Mismatched: Oh no they are scrapping. There's yelling, pounding the walls, thumping, crying and oh my god!
Me: What? What?
Mismatched: My socks don't match.
Me: What?
Mismatched: That one is for sure green. Dark green I thought it was black and ...
Me: The fight sir?
Mismatched: Oh yeah ...

He wasn't crazy and it was an actual fight. It was just how one of those times you notice something in mid sentence and go off on that topic. Train has switched tracks.

I don't know how many people get individuals like this but I had a caller on my Non Emerg phone who only wanted to talk to a male officer. First I explained that we were civilians and not police officers which only made matters worse. He demanded I transferred him to a male co-worker and be snappy about it. Oh I wanted to be snappy but not like that. I told him I could not transfer within the same department (unless its a person looking for specifically another person, like friend, family or they were directed to ask). He was getting so mad at me, sayin every name in the book and why woman shouldn't be in law enforcement or be police officers or even really leave the home period. By the end of it I was just keeping my remarks to myself and kept on saying, "So if you don't have a police issue ..." Finally he asked how he could speak to a male co-worker up in my department. I told he couldn't we were all female. He hung up. We have 3 males on shift but they weren't in call taking then. I drink my Red Bull and get a call for a suicidal male with a wood saw. I was kinda hoping it was the same one but alas I never got my first callers name. Okay so I don't actually wish that, but it did cross my mind.


  1. LMAO I love that kind of caller!!! The biggest pain in the butt... Nice thought at the end. >:)


  2. Ha ha, I know eh? The only time I like getting those callers when they are 100% in the wrong and I can tell them that.