Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Russian Roulette 911 Style

Ok so picture this, there are five of us sitting in a room, 911 rings and the caller hangs up and goes straight to the 'abandoned' queue. It didn't light up any ones name so technically it's any ones and every ones. Normally these can ding a few times before someone will grab it. This time, four out of five grab it at the same time. It should not have worked but it rang on all our headsets, we're all looking at each other, realizing we all grabbed it. "Who's going to be the luck
y winner?" I got an error message. Woo! Slowly until the last one standing got the caller and yes, the person was a charmer, lol. Ha ha!

We also have this game which is very bad if the tape ever goes to court. It's how we deal with the frustration of pocket dials (someone dialing 911 in their pocket). It's always a mistake and the call never goes anywhere, still, some of play the accent game. When we call back we do our script but we do it in an accent. I like doing British and a coworker is excellent with the good ole southern charm. Sometimes it's fun to even make fun of ourselves, saying about like aboot and saying eh a lot. I find this game happens a lot on night shift, right around three ... three thirty.

Today was steady and man people did not want to place nice with each other at all. Assaults, weapons, disturbances, argh. It's Wednesday morning people, hump day. Go hump or something. Tomorrow is st. paddy's day and I know there will be some classy people staggering around the streets around 11 in the morning. Job security folks.


  1. I was laughing about the 911 pucket dail call backs,,,, Hows things been,,,, I find works getting busy and days off are filled with court
    But I love this weather!!

  2. Things, been a bit tough but we, as a shift, are hanging in there. I didn't realize I had to moderate the coments so, I was a little late adding the comments. sorry.