Sunday, March 6, 2011

What was that?

So I'm sitting writing my book, doing some corrections, research when, bing you have received a message from facebook. Good ole facebook eh? Click the link and it's a friend from work, well Ambulance dispatcher GH who commented on a picture I drew. Cool he likes it. I wrote a thanks and left it at that. Next thing I know, another bing. Message this time. We sometimes chat on here and they are normally short, like roads going to be bad, drive safe sort of thing. He said, "i poked you now don't get " He's the joking kind of guy so I play back for a bit. As the conversation reaches our normal 3 or 4 record, he keeps going and I'm trying to ignore the fact that he is flirting with me. It's so obvious but I pretend to be oblivious and talk about other things. He is a nice guy and I do/did have a crush on him, I'll admit it but I wanted to keep things professional. Plus he's 15 years my senior and he's in a relationship already. That and his first name is the same as one of my brothers, major awkward if it ever went down that road.

Anyways this game goes on for a little bit, and it's getting harder to ignore his intentions and I simply say I was sorry for putting the thoughts in his head but we shouldn't continue the conversation like how it was going. Him being in a relationship and talking the way he was, didn't make me feel good about myself. No way would I be the 'other woman'. his response was this, "
no your not im not really sorry, just guess im a tipical man " Wow, had to end this conversation soon or my respect for him would go down another notch. I assured him I was sorry and that was really all I was going to have with that kind of conversation. Told him I wanted to be friends and that was it. He seemed cool with and we did swap phone numbers in case we ever wanted to just hang as friends. I don't mind hanging out and what have you, but like I said I won't be the other woman. He quickly excused himself from the conversation and that was it.

I don't know, I'm not really used to that kind of attention. I blame that on being shy and overweight growing up, and being sick, committed to work and still overweight as an adult. I keep telling myself that it was the right thing to do, to cut that conversation off where it was. I admit I did like the things he was saying but I do doubt their sincerity. I still want to be friends because he does make me laugh. Just might have to be one of those, keep a little safe zone with. I think me not being a one night stand, or friends with benefits kind of girl it's going to be awhile before I have to deal with this again.


  1. yeah, i think you did the right thing, if you don;t feel right about it don't do it..

    Have you called the Trail Shop they are carrying Five Fingers now, I checked they don't have my size, so i'm still looking to buy online,,, even if they dont have your style u can try them on

  2. You tell those guys, "That's not the way I roll, babe, but hit me up when your a free man. Until then I got your number I'll call you if I'm feeling the need to be a dirty little secret" ;)

  3. Ha exactly right lauren! Nail on the head.

    Kennyo, thanks! Oh and I called the trail shop and they said they didn't have them. :( Called Oh my Sole, and they were out.