Monday, October 25, 2010

A cold and the conflict.

Haven't posted in a little bit, trying to get better after this rotten cold and the horrible test of self that comes once a month. Last night shift wasn't too bad, actually it was great. Problem is I sounded like a man, friggen cold. One of my buddies in the ambulance dispatch, Dispatcher GH, had at first pretended not to recognize my voice and then proceeded to laugh at me. Great. I told him I'd arrest him and he threatened to take me to the hospital. Since I hate hospitals, it was a stalemate. At least he made me laugh though, I had needed at that point.

As the night progressed my grammar went down the poop chute and I had my coworkers in stitches. Turns out anything at 2 in the morning can be funny, so when I heard them laughing I had to really wonder what I had just said. Like "What plate is the province from." I actually didn't get what was wrong with that, couldn't understand why that one was funny till this morning. I have two supervisors but they tend to only work one at a time where the other is always on vacation. I told them it's like having divorced parents, two separate rules no matter who you're with. Supervisor JP is by far the nicest but Supervisor Plaid Jacket definitely wears the pants in the relationship. Anyways Supervisor JP was in last night and he bought a hot chocolate for my cold. Yey. He then pretended he had just been infected with my cold and proceeded to die a horrible painful death. Yey. Hot choco and a show.

Not to sound like a drama ridden teenage girl here, but there IS one dispatcher, dispatcher 2face she will be referred to, who is out to get me. How our centre has it, is that there are call takers (moi mostly) that answer 911, non emerg police/fire, alarms and ambulance lines. We talk to the great public and enter calls into the CAD. Our dispatchers then read the calls and talk to the Po po. We're all in the same room and that's great cause at any moment a call taker can get up and sit at a dispatcher spot (if they have to go to the bathroom). Most people are crossed trained, I'm getting there. I'm partially trained but we have really short staff so that's sort of on hold for now. Anyways, Dispatcher 2face tears apart all my calls that go to her zone that she dispatches for. I don't mean read and anaylze I mean, she goes and sees if she can stretch anything into a mistake, see if she can find anything I can get written up for. It's stressful putting calls to her cause you know she's going to either send you a message, mess up your call or stand up and say "why did you do this? Did you realize that you're wrong?" all for ever one to hear. Last night was an irker.

I had this call where 2 young women had been walking down a residential area at about midnight and a car had been circling around the block essentially looking at them. Nothing said and the car never stopped but it had happened 5 times in five minutes so the girls were freaked. I get the 911 call and I map the house they are in front of. They are dead center in a bunch of houses and there are no businesses close. Just houses and a bunch of trees. Great. I tell them to stay in front of the house they are at and go up the driveway away from the street. I put in the call for the address they are at and wait for 2face to send me a message. Well she does. She wants to know why I have them stopped there and they should keep on walking to where ever they are going and police will meet up with them. Uhhh ... 1, don't you know how much random violent crime we've had the last 2 weeks, not to mention the last 2 nights? How many weapon attacks, robberies and assaults? 2, I want to know where the hell they are exactly in case this goes from creepy to criminal in a heartbeat. So I stood my ground and my callers stayed where they were. She got huffy about it and sure enough went to the super after it was done. He never came and saw me but I was ready to go in there like it was court and justify why I did what I did. I had told the caller if anyone stopped from that vehicle and got out to start screaming like a banshee and pound on the door of the home. I had made sure there was a vehicle in the driveway so there would be someone home. Not only could she be allowed inside this could provide a deterrent. So she was as safe as I could make her while she waited for police and not walking down a street with a half inkling as to where she was. Police found my caller and her friend and drove them home, vehicle wasn't found but everyone was safe. My thing.

2Face has gotten so bad on some calls, questioning everything I do, that it makes me wonder about what I am doing on all the calls. Dispatcher Grumpy though solved that by walking up to me, while she was right there, and said "Kat you know your calls are great, she's just crazy." He then gave a smile while she stormed away. I told him he was my hero and he proceeded to mess up my hair.

I don't have a car. It's a fact I can't change right now. However I get off at 3 am and that has led to some interesting moments. My co-workers HATE it when I walk home, it's not a bad bad area but its not great either. We've come to an understanding though, either one of them drives me home or they send the cops. They've done it before. I've once tried to even sneak out and Sergeant CP caught me threw me in his truck and drove me home. Of course that comes with a lecture though, better then cuffs I guess. He's also taken to sending me messages on my computer around 230, asking me how I'm getting home. So last night Dispatcher Grumpy drove me home and it was cute because he acts all tough like he doesn't care about anything, but he waited in his truck until I got past the secure doors of my building and into the elevator. I loves my job, I loves my co-workers (most of them) and I loves our boys and girls. I just hate this cold.


  1. I am sounding lousy now as well trying to get passed a cold. That is great that your coworkers look out for you at the end of your shift--nice to be associated with a caring bunch.

  2. I feel your pain slamdunk, all I can suggest is homemade gumbo and a box of kleenex. My co-works are a good pair, it will be hard in january when they move people around to different watches.
    Jacks, :P ha ha ha, u too!