Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tomato Projectiles and Light reading

I will start off by saying this is no way a confession, lol, this is no way of saying it was me at all. I have 2 small tomato plants on my balcony that have been giving me lots of little cherrys , much more then I expected. Well there had been two that were green still on the plant, which at this point is dead. I figure these guys weren't going to get any bigger and might stand a chance to ripen if I brought them inside. Easy enough, pluck them off and then I took a moment to look over at my view, which is pretty sweet. I'm overlooking into the harbour and the large town of Crazy Town when somehow, they fall from my hand. I'm thinkin oh well, there goes that idea, watching them fall. My luck. Somehow, someone up there hates me or this old lady who's walkin underneath where my balcony is.

*Thump* *Thump*

Oh shit! I holler out sorry and then run back in my apartment hoping she didn't see me. I'm six floors up and wondering if those tomatoes were frozen from our recent temperature plummet. So ... feeling guilty and wondering if I gave the old lady a concussion I ambled over to the balcony. I had this vision of this lady on the ground, occasionally twitching, and cursing ... damn ... tomatoes.

I look over and I don't see anyone. Sweet. Look around the parking lot, still no one. Good so if she was hobbling slowly away I'd see her. In the clear ... so far. If the cops come to my door, however, it wasn't me, never mind those tomato plants on the balcony. Maybe I'll be lucky and get the canuck version of Lunch Money. (The officer Mamma fargo is currently doing her best to train in http://mommafargo.blogspot.com/)

Besides thinking about if I'm going to have assault with a weapon charges put on me, I got some nice light reading to do. The powers that be at work want to change our SOP (Standard Operating Policies ... I think.) which are pretty much all the rules and such that we play the 911 game by. They email everyone a copy of the new draft, cool, they want us to read it while we take calls ... oh ... okay, it's 97 pages long ... fuck. No can do. So someone got the bright idea to print it off not realizing it was a novel. Hee, I have since borrowed the copy and taken it home to go over it. Some of the stuff they want to change is nuts. I now understand why they were wanting us to read it between calls, hoping no one would or just skim it. There a lot of things in there that I'm just shaking my head at, one being we are not allowed to talk over a person. I get the don't be rude part, don't cut people of yadda yadda yadda. But when you have people screaming at the top of their lungs that their 8 day child has stopped breathing, you can't wait to politely interject your humble opinion for a medic. There is a right way and time to talk over a person so that it's not rude but controlling the call. Nother change, we cannot say squat until we've confirmed phone # and address. Not squat. Pretty much from where I'm at and from other people who have read it, it's written so that at any time management can haul us into the office for policy and go, 'ah ah ah, naughty Kat, look you've broken our ridiculous SOP Suspension no pay for you'. Then we get threat calls and Kat gets fired. Doesn't look good for me. I'm hoping enough people voice their ... displeasure with this and get the draft SOP into the recycle bin. As a novel it tanked.


  1. We both know you were aiming for that old lady...

    and make sure you say to your co-workeres "Did you read that SOP? Man this (fill in blank here) is so stupid, what do you think." Encouages them to read it even if they weren't going to"

    oh also when referencing another blogger (lunch money/Momma Fargo) always link to said blogger for people who might not know!


    T-minus 24 hrs for the UK

  2. Glad you didn't have any pumpkin plants up there or you could blog as a felon.

  3. Ha ha! I couldn't hit the old lady again if I tried ... well ... maybe if I had pumpkin plants ... there's a thought now. Good idea Slamdunk! Oh and I put in a link now, tks Jacks