Monday, February 28, 2011

First sprint

Scheduled to work today, not in because of vacation. Woo I love those words. So technically this is day 5 in my set of 12 that I have, first day that I would otherwise be working though. So far I have cleaned my apartment twice, seen 2.5 friends, stocked my freezer with gumbo and made banana bread. Going to see my Nana tomorrow and take care of her for a few days, then making the trip back to CrazyTown to hang with my BroBro. Exciting stuff, lol. The other day I had to walk to work because, airhead me, forgot to fill out forms for a shift exchange for another colleague so out to walk I go. It was on the way back though that a co-worker, who had been driving around on her lunch saw me and offered me a ride home. What was cool was that she stopped maybe thirty seconds up at the closest cross street and I ran to her. I was so excited that I actually ran, well sprinted, to her at a good speed and I didn't hurt at all. Same time last year I was barely walking more then 10 mins at a time and forget about running. Was so happy just to run, remembering when it hurt to stand. Then I wanted to run everywhere. Run, run, run. Yeeee!

I'm walking more now and I'm wishing that the sidewalks would stay nice and cleared for me to try to run on but they keep getting snowed and iced up. My luck I'd run, slip and break my leg and be in traction for the rest of my vaca.

Got up early this morning to have breakfast with my dad, we went to Smitty's and oh my it was good. Too good. There are no small meals there, at all. You can get three pancakes but they are covered in sugary sauce and whip cream or 5 pancakes. Hmm way too many carbs. Good ole bacon and eggs .... and toast and hashbrowns? And sausage and bacon and a fruit cup. It's just me! It's like going to a Chinese restaurant and trying to order off the dinner for 2 or 3 meals. I ended up with what I thought was 3 pancakes (plain), sausage and an egg. Nope. Got it. Pancakes, sausage, bacon,ham and 3 eggs. WTF! I am one person, why make meals this big? Needless to say I took over half of it home in a take out container, plus is I now have lunch as well. I tried their 'hot' sauce for my eggs, mildly warm. But I'm used to spicy food. My GI is confused by me. I'm not supposed to be able to eat hot and spicy foods but I love them and they don't hurt. It would be easier for me to guzzle a bottle of hot sauce like cola then eat a cup of lettuce or a stalk of celery. My crohns is weird. Meh, I know what I can and can't eat, I adjust accordingly. Urgh three baby carrots required several shots of morphine to make the pain stop and a steady dose of steroids to fix. Go figure.

Still recovering from my infusion though, starting to sleep better and obviously I can eat again. Got a nice bruise too and my veins are hiding. I like my nurse though, she does it in one poke, both bloodwork and infusion and can always make my veins come up. She also doesn't get scared by me because I do shake, a lot. It's not something I can control, my eyes just close and sometimes I vibrate others I rock. Ironically on the hand that gets the infusion, forearm down is still. I've had inexperienced nurses try to poke me but they get hesitant because of the shakes, I don't blame them. Sometimes they have to get a senior person to do it. As long as they do it in one poke it's good. Otherwise ... it's not good. I pass out most of the time or stop breathing. They've suggest hypno therapy but I don't know anything is worth a try I guess.

Writing more of my book, I've decided to keep the scene in. I feel it's been written as tasteful as possible and adds to the story. The girl that gets everything that can go wrong thrown on her still manages to overcome it all. There is a disclaimer though at the beginning of the book in case it may offend anyone. However, this book is her life and life itself comes with a disclaimer.

Oh FYI there is a serious bumper crop of weird and half crazed taxi drivers out there. I do not like it when as soon as you get in the cab they lock you in. Yell about politics and how they hate their job and everyone, take the most isolated routes you never even knew about and then get mad when you don't tip. This is especially disturbing when you just finished watching the criminal minds episode of where the taxi driver was killing some of the female customers he picked up. Not just killing, submerging their body in methanol and using her to make scented candles!

Well I got cleaning to do, baking of mints to do and some story to write. If the weather stays nice and the sidewalks clear up, might just go for a little sprint or two!

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