Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well endowed snowman and future plans

Last night shift was filled with people getting on each others nerves so I bunkered down and tried to wait out the storm. We have a good group of people working but up in dispatch we're mostly women and I think some how they all start PMSing at the same time. It's chaos. If there were weapons we'd all be dead. One dispatcher has the ability to snap at someone beside her, turn in 1 second to be sweet on the radio and then snap back and continue yelling at the other peson. It's talent, the voice is like a roller coaster going up and down so fast. I'd laugh but uh ... the lying low part.

The night sort of goes like that too, we'll all be laughing and then the next second someone is trying to murder the other with their eyes. Poor, poor Fire Dispatcher, retired FireChief, he's one of two guys on our shift and he's hiding in the fire pod. The other guy is Dispatcher Grumpy and he can fling shit with the best of them.

On one particular leveling out of the hormones, we had a funny call that had two of them in tears laughing. Turns out somone was getting creative out there in that fresh batch of snow. In the midst of this 'snow storm' (right) someone built a snow man with some man parts. Hee. The officers who went said it was a six foot penis. HA! The people even coloured it pink and had branches for hair. Oh god that was creative. But it had to be be smashed cause it was causing a disturbance. The person who made it said the guy who called it in was just suffering from penis envy.

Of course, someone, somehow goes and gets a picture of it before it is ... disassembled(can't say how in case someone from my ... management comes across the blog and goes after that person). That caused another laughing spree up in dispatch and a few giggles to come across the air. I had to double check the address cause my first thought was, damn BroBro this ain't the RedNeck Town where you can get away with it.

Alas what goes up, goes down. I took a call about a manhole cover that had lost it's lid and a 11 year old kid fell in it but thankfully was caught before he went too far. Ouch, so I got a hold of the city to go fix it. Sure they'll go right out. Cool. All done. Was not to be. They called back and said it was a private road and they'd have no part of it. What? Your kiddin? Ok. Plan B. Only other person would be the housing authority, by popular request of my podmates. I give them a call no answer. I am lost now because we have no one else to go. I put in a police call cause hey maybe we can find the damn thing or put cones around it so that nobody else falls in while we're looking for someone to call. I know the dispatcher it's going to is ... well, let's just say she's opinionated and overheating. I call our Watch Commander, someone who is in charge of the entire police force for Crazy town and I ask him what he thinks. He's a nice guy and says to enter a call and have a member look for it, makes me feel better cause that's what I was thinking. Well no sooner then I me putting down the phone did that Dispatcher have a fit. She demanded me to tell her why police would be going. "Uh? City won't respond, no answer at the housing authority and the Staff Sergeant agreed with me putting a call in." Thank god I called him so I'd have something to back me up at least, this guy would do. He wouldn't change his decision just because it was unpopular, I admire that about him. She again demanded, at a loud voice just exactly what I wanted police to do? Starring at her blankly I look back down to my call and read verbatim what I had written. She again stated that this wasn't a police call. I admitted it wasn't our normal function but an 11 year old barely avoided serious injury if not death, those things are deep. Her only response was that would be the city's fault. I am fortunate enough to know when there are words building up inside that could get me in trouble so I held most of them back. I simply told her the Watch Commander also thought this was appropriate and sat down. I wasn't fighting with her anymore, if she didn't like it she could take it up with him. She never did and an officer was sent. The lid was broken in half. Calls were made, the city decided they would go out anyways because of the potential for danger. It wasn't what I needed that night, my head was killing me.

Sometimes I feel in that place there is a constant demand for you to explain yourself and every single action that you do. I don't mind giving my reasons but there comes a point where if we are going to work together you have to trust me. You have to trust that I can make a right decision. My age has come up a lot. I started there when I was 20 and now I'm only 23 and the youngest by about a decade, most of them are late forties and have been doing the job a long time. I don't know, I can only keep telling myself, do a good job, do good work and they'll eventually trust me or retire. Either way, problem solved.

I'm having a dinner party on the 22 and am super stoked for that. Making carrot soup, salad, beef wellington, stuffed double baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots. For desert pumpkin roll, banana bread and apple dumplings. A lot of work but it will be good to see the family again.

Also plans on getting a house soon. Sooner then I had first thought. My mother is building a duplex out in Crazy town but essentially it will be two 2 level houses stuck together. I'd get one and she'd get the other. We've been going over designs and got it tweaked just right. The next choice is do I want to pay rent of 1000$ a month or pay a mortgage and own my side? We're going to talk to the bank to see what's best and what we can do. I have good credit and have had loans before. So getting a vehicle this summer and might be in a house by December. Exciting stuff. When I get a house I am getting 2 dogs, not at the same time, but one will be for sure a German Shepard, maybe 2 of them.

Well that's all for now, on days off, which is a welcome break.


  1. I'm the youngest at my EMS company also, and I love your thought "do a good job, do good work and they'll eventually trust me or retire. Either way, problem solved." Thanks for the laugh today :)

  2. ha no worries, see being the youngest has it advantages. We can time them out!

  3. I Love the snowman call... I just may have that pic on my phone ;)
    And I agree with you about the manhole, alot of times I say why am I going to this cll it's not a police matter, But I can totally see why a officer would go and standby till the manhole would be fix....

    Thats awesome about the house.... I cant wait to get a house and dogs sometime too...

    Someone on your shift (Mr mustache) is looking to switch shifts in feb, for a friday night, I may take it for him..

  4. It's funny, when you say Mr. Mustache I know exactly who you mean! You should so come to 1, we attract the best calls. We are always getting weapons calls and even a robi! Nothin like a good ole home invasion to wake you up in the morning!

    Oh and that kid that fell, found out he had actually been cut up from the fall, didn't need ehs but still. That was out in West.