Thursday, January 27, 2011

Training day blues

Training has been a bit rough, when I say rough, I mean I've never actually felt like crying before because I was so bored. I really didn't need someone to tell me how to find a screen on the computer that I have minimized or how to enter in an address. Seriously? If I didn't know how to do half of the things they were showing us, I'd be fired. It was all refresher but really? It was punishment. I don't know what I did yet but damn it must have been something awful.

3 out of the 5 in the class were from Hub Town so we took them on a tour for our centre. Out of everything they liked the fact that we each had a ceiling light that we controlled, so if we wanted it off, it would be off or on the brightest possible. Our Operations Manager was in there today and was in a good mood, which means 100% sarcasm can be expected. This wasn't my squad today, mine work tonight, just where I had to take the training during the day it was a bit funky. One of the Hub Town people's asked why there was an officer inside and I simply replied. "He lives here. We fed him once and now he won't leave." She gave the impression like she believed me, just nodding her head. So I added. 'I'm just glad he's housebroken. That and he keeps the crazies away." Now she just shook her head and pointed her finger at me.

The OM decided he wanted to play too, he added that officers weren't normally allowed on the floor. Again the HubTown girl seemed to believe him, he can act so serious and realistic when he's bullshitting you. Sometimes you really don't know when he's joking or not. Of course the girl asks why. The OM said with a straight face. "Because, they keep stealing our women when we let them in." Which ... I dunno ... we only have 3 .. 5 or so that are married to cops. Well I can only think of 5 married to our boys and four are married to fire fighters. The other girl from Crazytown with me couldn't argue, her husband was the Sergeant!

Of course we had 'lovely' training devices. They played an audio file of a call taker using the language line and how it worked. It was only a reenactment but you had a woman underneath the bed whispering and the call taker keeps asking her louder and louder 'MAME CALM DOWN!' Was kinda of funny. Highlight of training.

The other girl from Crazytown who was with me, we do not get along but we try to act civilly. I brought my own lunch from home both days just because I don't really trust catered or new food all that much. It's just not worth having a reaction over, possible hospitalization, steroids, surgery and 6 weeks off work. Not for melon. However she kept at me both days to just have a little of the food. Uh ... no? Melon or possible hospital? She didn't get it though. Yeah the melon probably wouldn't have hurt me but right now I'm not willing to risk new foods.

Had lovely weather for walking home. Rain, then hail then a big gust o' wind. So far the day wasn't exactly great so I had to perk it up a bit. Chinese. :) Chow mein, something I have had for many many years as an 'ahhhh' food.

Wrapped up in a blanket, writing my book and having some Fresca. Cat is on my feet, got some tunes and a pillow calling my name. Life does not get much better.


  1. After reading that i wanna cry, my block training is next cycle, i'm not looking forward to it.
    It's good that you can walk home, I guess you were off those super cold days! lol

  2. Ha! Yeah I so did not want to work on that cold snap. I pitied you guys if there were accidents and you had to be out. I love the winter hats though. It looks like a little animal. Sgt B.M. would always pat his when he had it strapped to his shoulder. Oh and goodluck staying awake with your training.