Saturday, January 1, 2011

A good end to a not so pleasant start

Third day off my brother was in a car accident, where his veh was badly damaged and the other was a write off. Both drivers went to the hospital on their own. My brobro is okay, bit of whiplash and lower back pain. Apparently when the officer came on scene, the first thing he said to him was

BroBro: Do you know Kat Rhett? She works in Dispatch.
Officer DP: Uh ... yes. (he's not my watch now but I worked every watch for almost a year so I know most of the guys at least by name)
BroBro: Don't tell her.

He later called me while he was driving his car to the hospital while it was all busted up. I walked down and met him there. We spent most of the day there and we had this talk. I want to say it was talk that wasn't like our normal ones. He's always the jokester, it's where I learned from but he is the king. Now he was serious and we had a good talk about how short life is. I told him that we die when we are supposed to and not before.

4th day off, I was at my computer, my cat, Lee, was asleep on the second bed. I go into the kitchen to start supper and not five minutes later I hear him scream. I mean it sounds equal to someone taking his leg and snapping it in half. I run to him of course but he is hissing, rolling on his back and still screaming. I call the emerg vet and they say to bring him. He starts crying and rubbing my leg, almost like he's begging me make the pain stop. I didn't know what was wrong with him, I checked him over, no blood or anything. I was scared out of my mind, he is like my kid. I rush him to the vet, via taxi and they take him. While we're waiting in the office, out of the waiting room, I am holding him and he is shivering. I'm near tears at this point, just holding him and trying to sooth him. The vet checks him over and figures he has a bladder infection but that I'd have to collect his urine to be sure. She didn't know why it hit him so fast and hard. I took him home because he was so stressed. He calmed down and I had to force feed him pills. Owner of the year award, right here! He seems better today and they ran the tests on his urine, an infection so his pills will help him. One to get the infection, the other for pain. The bastard is pretty good at not taking his pills. I even put them in shrimp and he eats around it. I essentially have to sit on him, crane back his head, pry his mouth open, shoot them down, and close his mouth with head up so he doesn't spit them back out. He was getting pretty good at it this morning. He could even shoot them back into my hand. Talented bastard. I didn't think it would take me 40 mins to get him 2 pills so I was late for work, didn't get my breakfast didn't sleep well, still had my headache and shakes and now my neck was killing me. I was in a super mood.

Ended up eating my lunch for breakfast so when my lunch time came around there was nothing. It was all good because my dad ran out to take my cat's bottled pee to the vet so they could test it so there wasn't time to eat. My stars though when I came back after lunch the officers had brought up this ham dinner. I was confused, since the one who brought it up couldn't cook ... at all, i mean toast is like as far as he goes. Turns out it was a hotel restaurant chainy thing, Ramda Inn or something that donated it. Cool! We had two tables of officers on the dispatch floor eating this ham dinner with scalloped potatoes, veggies and cheesecake. Of course it was for us too. Score! Lunch!

After lunch our supervisors hands out chocolates donated by a towing company? What why does everyone love us all of a sudden? Are they poison? I was suspicious but not enough to resist one. My podmate was also cranky (in the morning) so we spent the afternoon having a 'bitch session' about things that pissed us off. We both felt better after it and no officers or dispatchers were harmed during it, (can't promise the public). Came home tonight, still full from the ham dinner. Sat on my cat, hurled the pills down his throat and then fed him his supper. I must say I'm developing a technique. Day is winding down and it is far better then what I thought it was going to be. Hey, I don't mind being wrong now and then. :)


  1. oh no which brother?? older or oldest?? Love that he said what ever you do don't tell my sister!! lol.

    and awww poor Kitty :( I hope he feels better!!

    C. RN

  2. Thats one thing I miss about east is the Holiday dinner from th hotel...

    The part about your cat was sad, it's funny how attached you can get to a animal... I love my little kitten ( Don't tell anyone at work ;) )

  3. Older, not oldest C.RN, my little Canucks fan.

    Leeball is doing good, still grumpy about his pills but I'm getting them down now a lot easier. 2 more left. I know Kennyo, they do become part of the family, and don't worry I'll just send out a bolo, not a broadcast, noone listens to them.Ha ha. jk. Oh and yes, the dinner was awesome. East has it best because they also raided our chocolate stash (it was evidence apparently)