Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday dayshift fun

Not a bad day at all today, second day shift, minus the fact it was a Monday day which can make it crazy. Everyone and their dog calls in. For ever 10 calls we get, about 1 goes in so when our queues start filling up it means we are flat out on the phone. Joked with an officer about whether I was going to log him off or not, when he asked I just said. "hmmmmm nope." Threw him for a loop which was fun. However he will mail me a muffin and come in for my shift tomorrow if I would so I did. I am expecting my muffin lol though I won't hold my breath. I came in early for a shift today and I was logging a member on, I knew he was tired and I was feeling particularly mischievous.

Officer: Can you log me on?
Me: No.
Officer: Can I go home then?
Me: Nope.
Officer: Oh ... can I ... hmm ...
Me: Nope.
Officer: You're mean. Did you get your coffee?
Me: Going to tell the Sargeant on me? Big bad call taker won't log you on?
Officer: I might, he's cranky too, he'll get you.
Me: Threat! Threat! Taped line.
Officer: Crap. Can't prove a thing.
Me: Taped line.
Officer: Crap
Me: Totally.
Officer: What if ... I say please?
Me: Works for me!
Officer: Miss calltaker up there in the sky, can you please log this tired officer so he can protect the stupid public from their own stupid mistakes?
Me: Aww ... miss calltaker ... hee. Sure. Officer number?
Officer: 12345
Me: Unit number
Officer: UnitCoolcar
Me: Phone number?
Officer: 333-3333
Me: Portable number?
Officer: T111
Me: Credit card number?
Officer: 345 ... hey! You are mean!
Me: Can't blame a girl for trying.

Had a little bit more fun with him and sent him on his way. I have no idea what the officers will face in a day so try to make them laugh when I can. If nothing else I will be the 1 friendly voice they call. I don't know what was in the air today I had a streak for mischief. Moving cups around, hiding books, moving stools and I took the straps off a guys back rest. He's a funny older guy and he looks at me and says. "One of these days you are going to piss a guy off and he is going to marry you."

"What???? But then he'll leave the toilet seat up! And get cooties everywhere. And ... and then he'd have to live with me." I remembered the line from the Home Alone movie, "When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone!"

He shakes his head and throws a chocolate at me. At least now I know where they were coming from all this time.

Few frustrating calls but mostly good ones. Oh and Kennyo your shift didn't want to work my first day eh? Thanks for trying. Good day all in all. Lots of laughs, and lots of pranks that no one will ever know who did them ... hee.


  1. LOL Yeah I tried to get them to no takers,,, how can you blame them after the night we had sturday night ( well not me in west ;(, i was begging dispatch for all any

    When I was reading your post I was thinking about a dispatcher of our shift that always makes me laugh, and I enjoy teasing

    Oh I left a comment on my blog about the shoes. should have left it here I


  2. Ha! Yeah I figured, I tried to see if anyone wanted to work first dayshift for you guys but I got the same response. You should go to East, lots of calls! Oh and we got to tease, it just makes things better for everyone!