Monday, January 17, 2011

Training and trashing the place

My BroBro came over tonight, which was a great idea on days off ... not so much tonight. Found out that I have to come in early tomorrow for a 6 hr training exercise, lovely 4:30 start time just means an early night tonight. Glad the last Monday is under my belt, I do not like them and they do not like me. It's been accepted. Got called into the Assistant Manager's office right off the bat, and I'm freaking out slightly in my head because on days off I dreamt that this had happened and she threw 2 cycles worth of calls on her desk and said not acceptable then tossed me outside into a snowbank. Thank goodness all she wanted to say was that I forgot to submit my payslip, (again, whoops!) and to do that first thing. Right away! Just don't toss me in a snowbank, I uh ... had to explain that to her.

Two feet from her office my supervisor, JP called me in to his office and shut the door. I believe Mama Fargo said it best in her post, 'Fuck me in the ass!' aragh. That is actually a saying up here as well. This was not starting out great. Turns out he just wanted to ask me how I was, cause apparently I was upset looking when I left last night shift, that were his words. He wanted to make sure I was ok. I was fine, just the office politics get to me some nights more then others. All good.

Well ... I broke four things today, sigh. I was harassing/playing with Dispatcher Grumpy, poking him, pushing the movable light around his desk and then I leaned against the half wall. No sooner had I done that, a loose half wall panel fell off and broke onto the floor. "Whoops."
Thrown out of the pod, yet again. Broke my computer, my pencil (right in half) and my shoe lace.
We had this call about a cat. It was sad. I hated the human race that moment. This ... can't even call her woman, this female human like life form, had been evicted and moved out of her apartment. She left behind her cat inside a carrier. When the maintenance people came in to change the locks, they found the cat screaming. There was blood in the carrier underneath it, it's face was bloodied and I could hear it over the phone. She hadn't been there in days, maybe a week. It was starving, sitting in shit and injured. That human like life form is lucky it wasn't dead. Or there would be one pissed off call taker on a rampage. I couldn't do anything but I'd rampage. I hate violence/neglect/sexual assault on animals and children, god those break my heart. We had a sexAssault case on a cat last year ... I wanted to sooooo do something more then curse under my breath.

Onto different news I have training next cycle as well ... yey ... sorta. It's 2 days of sitting in a room for our 911 refresher training. It's going to be painful. The 911 training was painful, like you're looking at your pencil wondering how much it would hurt to shove that in your eyes. The refresher is going to be so boring. Another call taker was trying to make me see the good in it, at least it's 2 days you don't have to be here. 1, I like here, 2, it's 911 training! 3, god I'd rather take a robi! At least then I know I won't fall on my pencil and skewer my eye 'accidentally'.
All good all good. I was making my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and my brother laughed at me. I put them in two reusable lunch bags that I got free from subway. I don't know if he was laughing at my breakfast or that fact that I kept it separate from my lunch. They're two different meals, two different bags. Breakfast, banana, half baggy full of cheerios and a half peanut butter sandwich (1 piece folded in half).

Got to go, it's late and it's a long day tomorrow


  1. I feel ur pain about training.. I Have block training coming up in 2 weeks and I really don't wanna go, the reviews I've heard aren;t good and one guy in training gets to me...anyways at least it's over tue/wed nights that are uselly dead.

    Animal calls are tough, we had one this cycle where the whole cats side was cut open and u could see inside,it was sad.... the animal control officer almost caught it then it bit her and she yelled....LOL was alittle funny ;)

  2. Oh, poor cat. Do we know how it got like that? Did we catch a bastard? And is the cat ok?

    Last block training I went to was interesting, though my supers would let me stay for the taser part, :(. And they showed a vid from HQ that made my heart stop, even though I know how it ended.