Sunday, July 25, 2010

"911, you're on your own!"

I had to go to my locker at work the other day, brother was kind enough to drive me. And I don't know who all either works at 911 or at least knows what the dispatch floor is like, but when I walked past the hall it was quiet. The evil q word. I stood there, listening, thinking they're all dead. They killed each other. I've worked on this watch (squad) before, I knew what they were like. Cautiously I walked up the hall that would lead me in, still can't see the main floor yet. Still quiet, not a frigging sound. In my head I'm thinking and joking in my typical fashion ... hmm call 911? I go in and there is no one. Well my mouth drops, I'm looking around, saying 'oh .... shit.' a few times under my breath. Little confused as to why 911 is empty, I start remembering the horror stories of our veteran dispatchers. There was this one at their old center when they had to work with blue vapor like in the air and a bunch of them were on long term disability afterwards. Remembering this I immediately start looking around for any haze, blue or otherwise. No haze, no smoke, no dispatchers. I hear a bit of radio talk, so I race over to the Fire pod, empty though. Great, I just ran, (which feels like someone is stabbing me due to the medical leave) and there is no one there. I check all the manager’s office but they're gone. Typical. They'd be the first ones out. More than a little confused I hear a woman gasp my name. I 'twitch' and turn around to see one of our dispatchers, hand over heart, looking at me. She had just turned the same hallway I had come up and ran almost literately into me. She wasn't expecting anyone in here, I was expecting the reverse. Turns out they were giving the joint a good cleaning and dayshift had been at the backup center. The night shift would be logging on soon and would come to the regular centre.

Whew, at least I didn't have to worry about blue haze or any other kind of Hazmat. Also didn't have to be the one and only single Dispatcher for 911/Police/Fire/Alarm/Non-Emergency Police & Fire for the entire county. I could only imagine the pre-recorded message for this kind of scenerio. "911, you're on your own! Fend for yourself! No we will not raise your children, I don't care who you know and Yes I like my job ... asshole!"


  1. WOW, Freaky!!! Glad it wasn't something horribly wrong!


  2. LOL, wow! thats crazy!! Love the way you wrote this too!

  3. Ha, thanks 911R. Yeah Jacks it was major freaky, as that is the one thing 911 never is. The q word, we're not even aloud to say it at work cause then something blows up. Literally sometimes, this new years eve, Meth Lab, somehow my fault. Sorry guys!