Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 'special' child

Okay so last night I stayed at my dad's house which is pretty cool cause its the one I grew up in. Now my nanna lives there as well as she has dementia and can't live on her own. I help out with her as well, as sometimes she gets stuck on the toliet and where my mom doesn't live there anymore, it's awkward for my dad (his mom). I don't mind, I help her around and make sure she get's supper and if she has an accident in the night I take care of it. I always thought that would bother me but when it's someone you love you just don't.

Anyways point to my story is that I was checking in on her today and I found her slumped over in her chair, mouth open and eyes slightly parted. I start freaking out in my head cause she's really due anytime now. I've got tears now on the inside so much I probably could have swam there. Anyway I do what I think I should, you know go up to her, say Nanna? She's either partially deaf or selective hearing, we never figured out which (I'm told I'm a lot like her so I figure selective hearing). Nothing. I can't see her breathing. Now my inside tears are making it hard to breathe and I gotta pee. Give her a little shake and she moves. Okay that pretty much scares me but she opens her eyes fully and looks at me. She says hello and I can tell she's wondering why I'm so close to her looking like I'm going to piss on the floor. I told her what I thought and she smiled ever so sweetly saying. "You're the special child aren't you." Frig you nanna! Had a good laugh once I went to the bathroom. Called my dad and he laughed. Apparently that is how she naps, looking dead, great. Well I could have been warned!


  1. Aww! *big hugs* You should see if your dad can get services from her insurance or something to help him out when you're not around.


  2. Well my mom is VON and comes by a lot to help, it's just when I'm there it takes a load off of her and him.