Thursday, July 22, 2010

Damned if I do, damned if I don't

Is it just me or are people pretty inconsistant. For the last year or so my parents have been bugging and pestering me to get a vehicle, that I need one to be 'fully' independant. Okay, yeah, like buses don't exist. ANYways, I find a vehcile that I like, is affordable and something I'm used to and both of them don't think it's a good idea. Had to give me a head a shake, like I had just hullicenated for a second. They don't think I'm in a financal spot right now to go out and buy car that really is not that expensive, yet they've been harpen on me as little as a week ago to go get one. Parents are so hard to read, and the complain about us! My credit is great, my rep at the bank was talking about morgatges for a house, and they don't think I can get a loan for $6000? I almost want to go out and buy it just to spite them, but I know that's not the smart thing to do. Just wish we could be on the same page sometimes. I probably won't get it, simply because it's just not worth the fight about it and there'll be other cars. At least I'll be able to come back with something the next time they come down on me to get a car. "I tried!"

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