Thursday, July 22, 2010

This world of ours is a circus

So I've finally come aboard the Blogger wave, see how long I can surf this thing for. Don't know what I'm going to talk about on these things but here we go. Ever see a doctor who, not only made you uncomfortable, you wondered how the hell they passed university? Well not only did I get a lecture on politics, but every single 'bad' joke he made was about them. When was my queue to laugh, or better yet, leave. This doctor was a nerologist or something I had to go see because I got these stupid twitches and shakes then I am still believing is stress related. But apparently it could also be my calcium and magnisum levels, which are fine by the way. He did say slight possibilty of stress but that it wasn't any nero problems. Phfft, good enough for me, now my regular special doctor can give me a pass and let me have my damn remicade. Hopefully this will be the final hurdle before I can start getting my injections. It's funny I hate needles yet I'm working so hard to get them. I hope once my treatment starts I will be able to walk over 10 mins without pain or not have the fear of bleeding out in my sleep. I can't wait tilll I can say goodbye to doctors, nurses, hospitals and the whole damn mess and get on with my life. They always say there is more to life then the disease, which I agree but it would be far easier to believe it, if I didn't see them all the damn time. Oh and by my previous statement, I still like my nurse friend, Jackie. Yes, I will see her. The rest of her kind, stay away! I'm alergic!

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  1. LOL nurologist ate a rare breed, check out Doctor Grumpy: he's always good for a laugh