Friday, July 23, 2010

Can apparently do my job in my sleep

Woke up to a strange phone call, well twice, but I'll get to that. It's about nine thirty on a day that I finally got to sleep in, due to damn construction taking a day off. It was a friend of mine accusing me of freaking him out earlier and that it was a mean joke. Little ole me? I'd take credit for it but I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. Was it old age slipping up on me already? Apparently he had been drunk the night before, (still sounded drunk or should have been passed out) and he decided he was going to call me up for a chat at three thirty this morning. Never a good idea cause a phone call late at night, rarely brings good news. I don't remember the call but later checking my phone, I did see that he did at three thirty two. Anyways apparently I answered the phone as "911 what is your emergency." I don't even remember but that is what you get when you wake me up that early. Apparently it freaked him right out because he thought he dialed 911 and I was getting aggravated when he wouldn't answer my questions. He kept insisting he didn't mean to dial 911 and I kept trying to confirm his phone number at one point he tells me, I threatened to have his cell phone traced and I'd send an officer to his house to make sure everything was okay. So my drunk buddy is now very freaked out and tells me his phone number and his civic address swearing up and down that there is no emergency and that he was very sorry, 'miss police officer'. Though I'm not an officer. Apparently satisfied with all of this I let him go with a warning about dialing 911 accidentally and seemingly go back to sleep. I laughed about this in the morning, however he did not find it funny. It shows how deeply embedded the scripts and mechanics can run, so now I'm convinced that yes, I could do my job in my sleep!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!! AHAH I Just read this to my Dad he's laughing so hard he's got tears rolling down his eyes.

    Ahh programming! Soon you'll be able to sleep through work ;)!


  2. Ha yes! It is the goal. I'm glad I gave both you and dad a laugh. I'm sure my friend will laugh about this one day too!

  3. Hahaha!! Nice! I know that I have done the very same thing!! Thanks for such an awesome laugh. :)