Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adventures of Peggy's Cove

Well it's my second day off and my Dad and I decided we would take a drive and go see Peggy's Cove. It's a beautiful spot that he spent his summers at while a boy and I make sure to visit a few times a year. The drive gave us time to talk and of course swap stories, he was a dispatcher as well, long long ago. Well it always surprises us how many people there are as we were most certainly not alone. Just coming off the main road there were lines of people trying to go in as well from the other direction. Lucky for us we nabbed one of the last parking spaces, bad for me was the women to washroom ratio, which was not in my favour, damn tour buses.

I don't know about anyone reading my blog, but after a long car ride the first stop is the restroom, well after about 15 mins I finally got one. I normally go up to the Sou Wester Restaurant for my business but this was closer. Did I ever get a surprise. This washroom was quite ... green oriented I should say. The toilets were like ... outhouses but inside and someone actually collected the ... uh ...compost as they called it. Okay, weird, I must remember to never eat locally grown food from Peggy's Cove, it just might be too familiar. There was also urine everywhere, I mean on the seat, on the floor, come on! We're women, we piss sitting down, there's a giant hole, there's no excuse! Someone’s aim was really, really bad. After choosing another stall, we went out to the rocks.

There was this bagpiper who insisted on playing that dang instrument, I can't stand the things. Just when we got away from it, someone was playing an accordion. Come on, play on the rocks, don't panhandle. Took a ton of pictures and went exploring. Unfortunately I still can't walk that far for that long so we packed it in sooner then normal. It was boiling out there, so hot I could just feel the sweat soak into my clothes, pretty nasty image eh? Lol. So we decided to get ice-cream for the ride home. We then stopped for lupper at a place called Sams. It's pretty good for low prices. Now I have Crohns which is like the anti diet, raw veggies hurt and burgers are well tolerated. That meant between a choice of a chicken Caesar wrap and soup, I had soup even though I was still hot.

Well when I began to write this it was nine, a time when my cat, Lee, get's his treat. Now he's been rubbing his head against my leg since then and it is now 9:14 (I’m not slow, multi-tasking). I better go get him his snackies before he decide my leg is his new chew toy. I gotta be careful around him because he likes the smell of my shaving lotion and he might actually take a nibble.

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