Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No ears No problem, we arrest anybody! It's just part of the service

Well today was moving smoothly along, quick pace, which I like. Crazy Town was living up to its name today, should have been called Full Moon Town. We got a call from this man who said his mother had just cut off her ear. What a way to pick up your energy mid day. That got us responding code to that, Ambulance hiding in the bushes until it was safe to come out. Turns out she cut off both and her son said she had a 'psychotic episode'. No shit, it's not like she was trying to tune you out or anything.
I got to speak to a lovely lady who apparently was calling me on her cassette player and wanted to press charges of harassment to someone who left their business card on her door. 1) If people knew cassette players were that cool and could call up 911 or anyone else, the cd player would have never replaced it. 2) uh ... 1 business card harassment ... 2 weeks ago ... from the hospital? Apparently she has enemies among the staff and the nurses were out to get her. Well that can't possibly be true, nurse Jackie is in Ottawa!

Ah typical day, very good ... except my sandwich got soggy. :(


  1. Hey now!! Don't involve me in Crazy Town I escaped long ago!!!!!!

    And naw sounds like a good day babe!

    Oh and to avoid soggy sandwiches don't put your mustudard/manoyse/what ever sauce you choose to use/ on it in the morning, Bring it in a small container and spread it on right before you eat!

    Whola no soggy sandwich


  2. hmm interesting concept there ... i had tuna/greenpepper/celery mixture, I could bring the mayo seperate and mix at work. i'll try it. tks.