Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Erratic BOLO

Okay so last night was going by fine, Saturday night in Crazy Town woo! Was doing my thing, 911 and non emergency smoothly, should have known something was coming. I get this call about a black 2 door car that could be driving erratically all over the road, crossing double lines, what have you. Caller was being an idiot though and didn't want to give me the plate, didn't want to tell me what part of this amazing long road it was on, and didn't want to give me the guys name or a better description of the vehicle because it was his brother. He also didn't know when exactly it would be on the road but that his brother would be going out and he always drives like a maniac. Wanted us to 'accidentally' find him. He then hangs up and where it's on my non emerg line I don't really have the ability to trace it. Whatever, what I do is send out a BOLO, which is a typed message that goes on the mdt's to all the cars. Typically when there isn't enough for a call we at least have to do a BOLO, even as a matter of CYA. All I could give was my limited description the area that it might be in and what it was doing. Well wouldn't you know it. My peaceful night went up in smoke and I must have turned five shades or red. This is what I wrote for my BOLO.

"Bolo for a blk 2 door car u/k plate, that anon caller suspects may possibly be driving erotically along LongestRoadPossible St sometime this evening. Driver male, u/k name, u/k desp. Caller unwilling to give more information."

I only knew of my typo when I got easily 30 messages from officers on the road, laughing at me. That and just about everyone on the floor. Sigh, damn fat fingers. At least everyone pays attention to my BOLO's now.


  1. LOL!!!! Well at least it's entertaining!!


  2. That's like hitting the i instead of the o for the word shot! Ha!

  3. LOL nice!!!!!!! I've done the very same kind of things...

  4. Ha ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's done that.