Friday, August 27, 2010

Drunks, Crazies and Crayons

Drinking and driving, yes stupid and dangerous idea. What's even more stupid? Driving along the highway, with a warrant, driving drunk in a veh with expired tags, taking a big ole swing of the Labatt blue while passing a cop car doing excessive speeds! Reminded of the weird al song, dare to be stupid. He dared alright, he dared. Lost his freedom, lost his car, lost some dignity (if he had any left by now, might be in the red)

Sigh. Today was gonzo, just accidents left and right. I swear for the last two shifts I've done nothing but crash cars and talk to those who are off their meds more then they're on. SPCA broke into this women's house to put her bunny back in it's cage and drank her juice ... right.

Question to all the readers out there. I've been informed of this disease where you cannot ask the person a question, at all. They'll have like a panic attack if you do. Apparently we have this new frequently flyer who has it. We've asked our managers how to respond to such a caller and been told, figure it out. Hmmm can't ask anything ... at all. Pretty much go "I see you are calling police .... " And hope they figure in the blanks. I hope she doesn't get friggin robbed at gunpoint cause somehow it will bite me. Let's just say we've already accidentally sent her to the hospital twice already. Whoops! Any ideas on how you would work around that?

Oh one of our managers came by and gave us crayons though. Little confused. They won't help with the poor women we are driving slowly insane but they'll give us crayons. I missed her explanation as to why we all got some, I was too busy looking in the box. There were 4 shades of blue! And white? Really a white crayon. Why? Not being racist but why do we need a white crayon?

Sigh, this is my venting day. Damn this world is a circus.


  1. Wow that's a bit messed, pretty much everything you do is question based. You have to rephrase everything tomake it less threatening...

    so "What is you emergency" could be, "Please feel free to say any problems or issues you have that may require emergency attention" or "What's is your address" could be, "Your location maybe helpful in assisting you." Speak slowly and phrase things in such a way that gives the person a time to think. The panic attacks are caused by the pressure to quickly answer. I know you're trained to quickly gather infomation and disperse but this one is kinda the opposite... slow and steady wins the race...


  2. Hmmm those are some good ideas. I will use them for sure. I've had her before and not known about the condition. Let's just say her panic attack sounds like someone performing an exorcism on her. Whoopsie.