Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A fuzz ball and a bottle of Sprite

Okay so it was my first day back, I can honestly say I missed the place. I'm walking through the hallway, seeing people waiving and not two seconds, two seconds, it's Kat please come in the office. I gotta say that’s a record for me. So I mosey on over to the office, my supervisor has his little 'focused face' on and using what I call, his big boy voice. I'm getting bit worried. I sit down and he closes the door and flicks the blinds down. Two things could happen here, 1) I get myself murdered, damn first day back and dead. 2) major shit coming at me and I wish I was dead. Either way it didn't look like I was walking out on my own power. Then the bastard cracks a smile and he asks me how I was doing. Whew, okay so looks like there was a third option and that was him pulling one. Told him I was fine, the pain was pretty much gone and whoever said drugs were bad for you was a freakin liar. Drugs are wonderful, they make all the pain go away, lol. Ahh good ole medication.

I go back on the floor and again I'm the shit magnet. Sit down, and the whole two seconds again and suddenly my head is attacked. It's Dispatcher Grumpy and he's messing up my hair! I have medium hair so it's flying all over the place! I'm trying to push him off my head but I'm sitting down and the bastard is standing over me. By the time he's done my head is a fuzz ball. I look up at him through my bangs and he's smirking. I laughed and told him I missed him too. He just smirked and walked away, that's just his way.

I remembered all my passwords so I determined I had not been on leave long enough. The calls came back and everything was smooth. I took a phone message for an officer, just name and number and gist of what they wanted and sent out a MDT message to him. Well three hours later the officer responds, (he was busy on a call I totally get that) and he wanted to know what they wanted. I go back through my sent messages and I realize I hadn't typed that part, just name and number. I'm trying to remember but 3 hrs of trespassers last week, 9 year olds threatening to jump off the roof and people flat on their faces had pretty much pushed that out of my head. He laughed at me and told me that if he was on the call longer then 5 mins I owed him a beer, deal. Got back to me end of shift and apparently it was less then so he owed me one. Nah, I drink sprite. Apparently it was pretty painless so that translated into a cold sprite. Wicked after this muggy day.

So day 1 back, my hair looks like a I got zapped by a super charged tazer, I got a sprite in the owing and bears sitting down in the middle of the road. Yup, good to be back in Crazytown.


  1. Aww that fantastic, glad to know that your first day back was ok! Glad that the pain is gone. When is your next dose?


  2. Yeah first day back and its like I never left, lol. Next dose is next monday, sort of bitter sweet.