Monday, August 16, 2010

The Fire fighter Calendar

Last year I bought a calendar from my second supervisor, supervisor plaid jacket. He's a deputy chief for the fire station out his way and so always has lot's of fundraising merchandise that comes our way. It was cool because each month showed a station from different parts in Canada, some pictures they'd have helicopters, the trucks and the firefighters and all of their equipment. It was even cool cause Supervisor Plaid Jacket was in one of them. He's been off on vacation though and I got an email from a coworker saying she was selling some too for the station. I told her I'd buy one, 15$ for a good cause, never an issue. Well she gave it to me and right away I knew something was different, especially when she said Mr. February was her favourite. Mr. February? Let's think, last calendar February was the fire dept in Banff Alberta. Opening it up I realize this was quite a different calendar and quickly shut it. Of course my coworkers laughed at me, numerous jokes were flying about how I the 'kid' was being exposed to such pictures. I didn't care about that, I only cared about one thing. I asked her seriously. "Is Supervisor Plaid Jacket in here? With a nope, I flipped it back open and yes, Mr. February is very nice. For all you dirty minded readers out there, *cough* jacks, they do have some clothes on. It did break up the night though I am not sure what to say to my father when he asks to see it this year. "Oh it's nothing out of the ordinary dad, it's just the fire fighters with all of their equipment."


  1. WOOHOOO!!!! You know those are the best kind of calanders!!!


  2. HAHAHAHA That's one of the best surprises.
    And good luck with your dad! :)

  3. Hee, 911R I just told my father it was a very special calender and he didn't want to see it anymore lol! Can't wait for 2011 to put it up jacks!