Monday, December 13, 2010

911 at 2 am

Me: 911, what is your emergency?
Woman: My son is three years old.
*long silence*
Me: Okay, he's three ... and?
Woman: Well he's only three and he is watching this show on the television and a man swore.
Me: Okay ... well what's the emergency?
Woman: He's only three, he shouldn't listen to swear words. Don't you think?
Me: Generally, I don't have a personal opinion but I'm going to say no. At three, probably shouldn't be hearing swearing. Is that it?
Woman: Well I don't think they should swear on tv. I thought they weren't allowed to. So they would be breaking the law.
Me: Mame, I have a quick fix for you.
Woman: Okay.
Me: Got the remote handy?
Woman: Yes I have it now.
Me: Well either turn the channel or turn it off. Is your phone number *secret phone number*?
Woman: Yes, but isn't this illegal? Shouldn't I report it?
Me: Not on 911 ... well not to the police actually. If you have an issue with the television show ... you don't call the police . Call the station or something.
Woman: But it's two in the morning ... there'd be no one there.
Me: That it is Mame.
Woman: So you want me to take the law into my own hands?
Me: Mame I really can't discuss this further on 911. If you'd like to contact our general inquires number I can provide that to you. However they won't be able to help you either. If you feel that a swear word is inappropriate for your three year old to hear, while he is awake at two in the morning, contact the television station on Monday.
Woman: Well you were no help at all.
Me: Have a good night, Mame.


  1. wow, people are... special...

    now, if she sounded drunk or high, would you have sent an officer out to investigate, to make sure the kid was safe?

  2. Ha, yes, lots of special people at 2 am, lol. I would only have sent an officer if I thought there might have been a threat to the child.