Monday, December 13, 2010

Docs and grocery scavenger hunt

So today I got a call at about eight ... don't they realize that's early still, lol? It was from the one supervisor that I cannot stand in the least, thank god she's not on my watch. It's my second day off so it's not as bad as if she was calling the day before. Anyways, she says my payslip wasn't in and the Operations Manager needed it. Sighing, and a mild head slap I remembered I didn't drop that off my last night shift. Groan. I fired off my Operations Manager an email and then got showered to go out. So much for sleeping in after a night of tossing and turning.

My OP is a nice guy, temperamental at times but nice enough. He's on the phone when I get there and he's talking. Then I realize he's starring at me, when he was talking so I don't know if it's directed at me or not. Turns out it is but he never got off the phone. So I just put my pay slip on his desk and he signs off on it and put it in his desk. The entire time he is talking to a guy on the phone and then sometimes to me. Afraid I'll answer the wrong question or that he'll miss some of the other guys question I bolt it out. I get the stink eye from that supervisor that I 'love'. Argh Supervisor JR, one of the few people I can't stand. When I used to work on all the watches, I got stuck with her a few times. I don't really hate anyone but I highly dislike her. She's rude to the officers, she acts like she's god on a power trip and she's overly critical of the new people. I swear if she could she'd start a flood to drown all the low lives, however she would make it last for 80 days and to hell with telling anyone to build an ark. She is the one that said I should have never been hired and if she was on the committee I wouldn't have been, because when I first started I didn't know the area that well. I wasn't going to waste my breath telling her I made up for that by studying maps, going on ride alongs with our officers and having friends drive me around like crazy. Thanks, bro, dad, bobby, robin, cory, leslie, calvin, sam, gilroy and JJ. I may have started not knowing the area but that's a learnable skill that I gained in a month.

Anyways those kind of people aren't worth arguing with, you can't win. So I ignored her and left. Went to a walk in clinic because I've had this headache for a week and half, eat about 6 Tylenol a day and the shakes I just can't well, shake. I only have to wait a half hour which isn't bad at all. I see this guy who first off tells me he can't help with the shakes, go see my family doctor. Already explained that my family doc is over an hour away, I don't have a car, him and I don't get along and that I was in the process of finding a new one. So even though last night I had a shake that shook my entire body for three seconds and I passed out, not his concern. Whatever.

He deducted that my headaches were from lack of sleep, stress and that I'm not wearing my eyeglasses. Okay lack of sleep, I get that however it always takes me 2 hrs to get to sleep and I never stay asleep, always been that way. Stress ... well stress and me are best friends and I'm working on that. Who the hell doesn't have stress? Last possible cause, glasses. I am technically supposed to wear them for far away, things just look like blobs of colour the further it gets but the glasses I have, well they actually give me headaches. I went to the eye doctor two months after I got them and they said my lenses were fine, that was what ...grade 8 or 9? Haven't worn them since.

I don't know what I was expecting walking in there ... guy kept looking at his watch, it was near lunch, maybe I was keeping him from that. So here is what he left me with, sleep more, relax and take an Advil if you get a headache. Thanks doc!

On a happier ... well more amusing note. This walk in clinic was in a Superstore so I figured, heck why not pick up some groceries while I'm here. You know, justify the cab fare. So I'm starting, starting ... go down to the front door ... k. Pharmacy section ... ok, what ever I'm a Sobeys girl so maybe this is how Superstore does it. Going around ... laundry section ... mixed in with canned goods ... ok. I can't even find the carts or baskets yet. Then I hit the meat section ... then clothing? What? clothes? Toys sections? Still no baskets or carts. Chip aisle ... baking goods ... something i don't know what it was but it was white and it floated in a jar with green liquid ... I was lost.

Eventually I came to the baking section at the far corner, veggies and this ... chicken and taters stand thingy. Got a few things in my hand, still no baskets or carts, arms are getting tired. Wander around for a bit more, found a discarded basket on a pile of dark purple fruit. No idea what the heck those were. Actually I'm not even sure they were fruit. Like a pomegranate except purple! In a half hour I wandered around long enough to get more or less enough stuff, 11 items.

When I was done I went outside and called for my cab. He asked which door. Confusion again? Which door? Looking down, now that I was outside I could see there was a second door, a massive second door ... hmm. Maybe that was the front door and I went through the whole thing backwards. Maybe they had carts down there ... such is my life, going through it ass backwards. Ha ha. Oh well. I was happy, I bought a cheesecake!!!!


  1. Sounds like you did everything right in learning the area better--they are lucky to have someone who invests that kind of time studying as it shows pride in your work.

    Several of the officers in my class were from out of state and we were lost for months.

    I hope you feel better.

  2. Aww thanks, Slamdunk, I do very much take pride in my work. :) 3 advil in me and it's starting to make a dent, woo.