Monday, December 6, 2010

Days off = Gingerbread and Relax

Ahhh days off. How I missed thee. Sleep, a long lost friend, lol. It's the end of my third day off, one more for me and then back at her. Some days off feel like I never left work, either I'm at court for my 911 tapes, at a training session (which I don't mind) or doing overtime. Not this set, nope. This set of days off is for me, me, selfish me.

First day off. Slept. Glorious. Got in lots of sleep. Hmm ... hot dogs for lunch, grunge-aliscious. Stayed in PJ's and watched a movie, old tv shows on dvd and this super, intense dinosaur show. Wow, it was good. Oh yeah, there was also ice cream. Woot.
Second day I had to take a shower, got changed, but not much else. I wrote a lot on that day and organized the sketches I would need to do for it. Also drew the cover for the book I'm writing. Third day was the most productive of them all. Scrubbed down my apartment and did a load and half of laundry. Would have had two loads but the second washer spit up dirt on half the load, which is weird and I was told had something to do with them not being cleaned. I dunno, I guess I just always assumed the washer was the cleanest place to be. So now I have towels and stuff draped over my doors in my apt, not worth the coin to dry them. My cat, Lee, also got into something but I'm not quite sure what. It got all gunked in his fur on his back and stuck out like two pyramids. So ... bath time. Guess who just got voted mother of the year? (yes I do think of him as my child in a fur suit, if I have to clean up his shit, his mess, feed him, play with him, love him when I pissed at him, he IS my child for the time being.) He is pretty good about baths, he thinks he's a dog. If I let him put his head in my hand, he won't move that much. Well the two gunk chunks wouldn't move so I ended up hauling him out, drying him off and cutting them out. Now he has two brown spots on his back from where there is less fur. Also did his nails while I had him. After all that, not two minutes later he was cuddlin on my lap. He forgives quick.

This evening my brother Randy and his roommate Devin came up to build a gingerbread train. Now this is not my or their idea, not really. My mother bought it for me, for Randy and I to do. I'm not quite sure why, maybe she doesn't remember what happened last year. Last year we did a house and it collapsed. Oh mothers of the world ... perpetual misplaced faith in their young. *sigh*. We called in reinforcements, only to learn that Devin had never done one in his life ... lovely. So we tried to build this train thing, not coming along too too bad. I ordered in supper for all of us, cause hey when do I get to see them. Supper comes just after we got everything stuck in place, no candy yet, just the skeleton set up. We set that aside to harden while we go at sup sup. For me, poutine. My bro got poutine and donair, Devin got 2 piece fish and chips.

After Din we played a round of Mario Party 2. I was, and always is, Yoshi! Yoshi rocks! My bro got DK, like always and Devin got Luigi. Peach was the computer player, which we ganged up on, because of an old grudge. Computer always gets stuck with Peach. After the game we went back to the gingerbread train and frosted it up and stuck candy on it. Well it was a train ... train wreck maybe. Lol. The fun was making it though and Devin, for never having done one, got a kick out of it. I've also posted pictures of it. Don't laugh, this is 3 twenty some year olds having fun and not trying to be professional. There was frosting everywhere! Candy balls stuck to the couch, candy disks and junk just all in the carpet. Had to vacuum there a few times. Randy and Devin were so sick by the time they left. They both ate a good chunk. Hmmm I'm not quite sure how long we were supposed to leave it up for ... meh.

That about wraps it up. Tomorrow I plan to get a few groceries, rearrange ALL my furniture to be away from the heaters and wash my sheets.


  1. Nicely done with the train. When my older son and I play Mario, he usually makes me be Peach just to annoy me.

  2. Ha thanks! The fun truly is in the making of them. Ha ha ha ha, you get stuck with Peach!