Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas once again

What a busy, busy week. Second day off now, things are just starting to come back to normal ... well as normal as things get. Dec 24 was my first day back so that means I get all the last minute shoplifter calls, child custody disputes and a few suicides here and there, tis the season. I'm fortunate enough that that my brother who lives in Crazy Town too got off at the same time that I did and to take me to our dad's house for Christmas eve, he lives in Redneck Town. Jacks, it is Redneck Town, I saw a few people in their decorated tractors going down the street to pick up pizza ... there's no shame.

Got to see my Nana which is awesome because this will probably be her last year, we keep getting the be prepared speech every time we say goodbye.

It was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing when I asked my brother to get a present that was in one of my bags. I had 99% of them in one bag but that one I had gotten late so it somehow didn't make it to the right place in the confuffle. I told him it had red and black wrapping paper. Easy enough, he goes rooting through the bag, cause he was going to his bag beside mine anyways. I'm sitting in the living room, playing with my puppy, a 11 ... 12 year old German Shepard mostly mix when I hear him holler.

My dad asks him if he's still alive and my brother admits that he is very quickly and a few minutes later he comes back a few shades of red. He hands me the present without making eye contact and I ask what. Apparently he had found a bra that was red and black and had taken that out of the bag. Well I laughed, my mom and dad laughed and he just sat down and distracted himself with the pupper dog.

The next morning was an early one because I was doing the 12 hour shift and had to be on the on ramp to the highway at 04:45. I had a coworker was coming through from Hub Town and picked me up. We had 50 dispatchable calls that day, normally it's like 150-200, which means only one thing. We got ourselves in trouble a lot. There was laughing, talking and someone threw a packet of ketchup at me. Officers came up and visited, there were treats brought in and oh my god enough chocolate to send everyone into seizures. Fat and full, around 18:00 that night, the same coworker drove me to Bum Fuck Nowhere where my mother lives and I had Christmas Dinner there. My mom's boyfriend is really nice and he had his mother there. She was a bit creepy looking as she liked to stare at you and go, "Hmmm ... niceeeeee." Four different kinds of pie, two different kinds of potato, stuffing, turkey, a million and two vegetables ... so full, so tired, I slept on the couch. The youngest dog a westie/silky mixture slept on my shoulder asking every two seconds, 'play'?

Mom and her boyfriend drove me back to Crazy Town on Boxing day, to which I was running on little sleep but did 2 night shifts worth of work. Last night finally got enough sleep and am feeling better, opening and putting away some presents, Electric mixer, Food steamer, pots and a few decorative things. Headache week count though ... 3rd week going on 4th ... was told to look into codine ... might try that. There was also this other pill ... apparently the strongest thing you can get without a prescription. Might look into it, constant headaches suck royally. It's good to see the family but it's really good to be home too.

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