Wednesday, February 16, 2011

911 Fashion Show

So just finished up my first cycle with squad 3 which was nice and very relaxed. I found they are a mellow group, which works just fine with me! Still getting used to the consecutive 12 hour shifts but they are getting easier. Patience does start to run out about five thirty am though. Took a call from a girl who was sobbing because she was assaulted by someone I couldn't even get the name of. Near hysterics because the person who 'assaulted' her was still there with friends, everyone was yelling, my caller was a puddle and I had to sigh. Finally got the address out of her and even when the police were there she was going on. I had to raise my voice to her and say "Stop sobbing now and go see the FFFFFF police outside!" Closest I've ever come to swearing at a caller. Besides being sobbing she was also very dramatic. I hate drama people, argh!

I'm a little out of order but meh I just woke up. I started the shift of my last night with what sounded like a double stabbing, oh fun. Cept this caller was drunk and hysterical, yeay! Yeah she had a cut thumb and he had a scratch. Bastards. If you're going to get me all 'ahh' about that and have my units screaming code, make it good!

We have this one crazy lady in the city who has been banned from almost everyplace she's been to. I'm talking from shelters, hospitals and even the police station. Pretty much the only place she can go is booking! We are dealing with her daily, sometimes multiple times in a day as she calls 911 from random payphones and causes a scene.

Last night shift I was tired and cranky, I'll admit it. Went to the bathroom and saw heels sticking out from one of the stalls. "WTF?" Saw all this bright coloured material there inside the large stall. Was confused.

"Kat?" It was my supervisor MZ.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Trying on dresses."
"Oh ... why the hell are you doing that?"
"Gala thingy that I have to go to with the hubby."
"Oh ... sufferage."
"Can you zip me up?"
Shrugs why not. "Alright."
She comes out with this little beige dress that is nice but has an ugly colour. And she asks the dreaded question. "What do you think?"
"Will you fire me for my opinion?"
"Dress itself is nice, like the design, butt ugly colour."
She sighs but nods. "I gotta show the floor, they want to see."
"911 fashion show?"
"Yeah. Zip?"
I zip her up, which was a sight I really didn't need to see but anyways.
"I'll be back."
"How many dresses you got?"
"I don't know .... couple red ones, couple blue ones ..."
"I'll just wait here." I sat on the counter and swung my legs.
So she did several dresses and then I had to take pictures on her camera phone so she could compare later. It is definitely different having a female supervisor. I didn't think going to the bathroom would lead to an hour off the phone and me becoming a fashion assistant.

Now on days off but it's not much of time off. Getting ready to leave soon to head home to RedNeck Town. My father is on a business trip and my brother has been making daily trips to take care of my Nana. She is sick and is nearing the end of the line, which is a bit sad but I want to make her remaining time happy. She has dementia so that means I can tell the same joke every half hour and she'll be in stitches all day. I want to make sure her meals are more enjoyable then toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and then fish,potato and corn for supper. I'll be there for a few days and then when my father comes back I'll comeback in. I have been given death instructions though. Mother says to call her first. Uh ... hell no. If she's dying or in the process of, I'm calling 911. She says to me, you know that would mean a police officer might come to. I told her I was slightly familiar with the process and would be able to do it. I'd call her after I did them.

Oh well. Gotta get ready, almost time to leave.


  1. Have a good trip, I'm in the same boat with my granparents, my grandfather is getting really bad, it;s tough, I lived with them for 6 yrs so it will be hard that day comes...

  2. I know with my Nana, she's bad and she keeps saying she wants to go. It will be hard when the day comes ... for both of us. You know how to get a hold of me if you need anything, k?