Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Court and Clown feet

So had this gross 24 hour bug thing, not fun. Cramps, nausea and a real poster case for PMS without the actual mechanics. Yuck argh. But did you know Pepto Bismol comes in a peppermint insta cool chewable tablet? I didn't. Not until after this passed. I know have it for next time. Day off 1.

Day off 2 I had to go to court for an arson call. I was lucky because I was feeling better and even more lucky cause Dispatcher Grumpy had to go too. We waited up in the Crown's office for a bit which was fun because Grumps was there to keep my company. It was my turn to see the Crown so I walked in and sat alone at this big long table. Cool. From the way she was talking about it, it sounded like I would actually take the stand this time, so cool. She was telling me not to speculate and if I was asked to either look at the judge or herself and she would object. Cool. I have had 11 subpoenas in 2.5 years which is a lot for us. This was Dispatcher Grumpy's first and he'd been there 10 years plus. Sigh, all of mine however I've only ever got to go in and sit down and never had to go up. I want to, at least once.

It's a little bit of nervous, I won't lie but I believe in what I say and I did everything I was supposed to. Besides I'm in no risk of legal penalty. She finishes up with me and I go back to sit out in the waiting room. I meet a few of the officers that are also on the file but that I had never met in person. I'm listening to them and I'm tyring to match their voices to their face but not working out so well. They told me their user ids and I knew who they were.

I saw my old lawyer walk in with clients of his own now and he did a double take at me. "You in trouble?" He asked. I pull my jacket out and let him see the police emblem. I haven't seen him in years so he doesn't know where I work. "Ahh, I see. "

I wanted to go against him, I hate him, he's a jerk and I was in serious wanting to play some hardball. But he wasn't representing the people in my case so I'd have to wait. He's good to my parents but we never saw eye to eye and if I ever had to get representation I'd get one of his associates. He has a good firm, an impressive one but I don't like the way he handled a case of mine years ago.

It was time to go so we all went to go down the elevator but there was a ton of us so half of us voted to take the stairs. Woo. The fire inspectors went down in one with the Crown while Grumps, me and the two officers went down the stairs. We went to the court room and the officers got to walk around the metal detector while Grumps had to go through it. Ding Ding, he sets it off. The second sheriff sees that I'm wearing the police emblem so I get to walk around to. I'm trying not to laugh as poor Grumps has to get wanded. Belt comes off. he goes through, grumbling in typical Grump fashion. One of the officers, JS is standing there with a not too sure face, "I think we're in the wrong court." Sure enough officer SC goes to the docket and nope, Court Room 5. So we rush out and down the stairs again. Get to court room five and SC and JS go around the metal detector. This time I'm first and i empty my pockets and walk through. Fine. Grumps goes through, DING DING DING! Ha, ha. I do laugh at him this time as he gets wanded again. Unknown what set it off this time but the boys were laughing at him saying that he'd have to get strip searched. Grumps was not happy about that, being let in because of where he worked, putting his belt back on and standing next to me grumbling. We went in the court room and started that.

Court was adjourned until September, sigh, I so wanted to go up this time around, oh well ... I'm sure I'll get more before September ... though Sept is my birthday month. Maybe I'll get lucky. Grumps drove me home but not before cursing and yelling at the gate that really didn't want to open for him. I'll miss Dispatcher Grumpy.

Day off 3, was good, got some groceries mainly and am scoping out some five finger vibram shoes. I like the Bikila ones best. Now came the hard part ... measuring my damn feet. They are big. Sigh. Curse you father ... you and your genes! He'd tell me they were good you know more stability, clearly he's never heard the bigger they are the harder they fall. It's so hard to find shoes and sneakers and god forbid heels. I always think people are looking at my feet, clown feet, Sigh. Why me? Why couldn't I have ... big ... teeth or something. No. Feet. Sigh. So I tried putting a measuring tape by them and that didn't work. Tried to put a ruler by it, nope. Ended up sticking my foot on a piece of paper, ticking it off and then measuring it. ...... 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. Clown feet. Sigh. My dirty minded friend, who shall remain nameless, said her normally saying, 'I want one that long.' Really? I told her that's why she'd never be married, she had too high of standards however I will never be married because some how I always knee them in the crotch while making out. The last time though, not my fault, he moved into it. Not going there. End of discussion. Anyways ... looking on the website, KO provided I checked up the their measurements and YAY! I'd fit into the biggest ones ... story of my life ... anyways it's all good. Give a half inch to the length of my feet so that the shoes would fit comfortably and I'll be good to roll... or run in this case. I'm going to wait until the summer because I'm trying to lose a few more pounds before I start running again. Lost 10 this month so happy about that. For me it's not so much what I eat but how much I exercise. I eat pretty good, I'll never be in a 'healthy living' magazine but it's not bad bad. Mostly steamed veggies, chicken, fish and the occasional red meat. What gets me is my sweets. I like chocolate and mini eggs. I got to get exercising again I just have to be careful not to piss off my crohns or fistula. Right now the most I can do is thirty minutes of leisurely walking. I'm almost healed though. I'll be able to walk all day and run again. I can feel it. I figure by the time summer comes around I'll be there. Can't wait. This girl wants to run, wants to lose about 130 lbs. Coming off the meds I'm on, moving more and monitoring my sugar like I'm doing, it'll happen. It'll take time but I'm nothing if not persistent.


  1. Ugh the dang sweets get me too!

  2. Funny thing is, i have taken the stairs all the time....Not a big elevator fan ;)

    What size VFF are you getting, I also am getting alother pair, just not sure what model yet... Wish I could buy them all..
    It's hard to buy them around here, so online is the best,,,but there are soo many fake sites.
    on the birthdayshoes site they list all the real dealers.
    If you want to save on shipping let me know when your thinking about getting yours and I can wait till then I'm in no rush,