Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy days and FireFighter Sims Video

Baptism by fire. First cycle as full time and doing the 12 hours, something that the body has to get used to, preferably slow. But do I I have that kind of luck? First 2 days are dayshifts and we have severe snow storms the first day, two separate weather events. Second day is dealing with all the stupid accidents from people who thought, since the roads 'looked' good, lets drive like it's August! Grumble grumble. My next two night shifts are Friday and Saturday with good weather, going to be nutso gonzo. I'll be dragging my ass home Sunday and sleeping until Monday. Next week I switch to 3 so I'll be early in the week rotation. I'm just one week rotation too late. So it was a long an early start and I had to repeat a lot of questions. There is nothing more annoying then asking a question and getting an unrelated answer. Most of the afternoon was like this ...

Me: Do you have an emergency you dialed 911?
OTL: Do you know where Patricia is?
Me: Who?
OTL: Patricia.
Me: Is she an officer?
OTL: Oh god I hope not ... I let her eat off my plate.
Me: *Withholding all remarks, painful but doable* Okay well do you have an emergency?
OTL: I called Patricia.
Me: No you dialed 911
OTL: Patricia. Do you know where she is? I called her?
Me: No you didn't, you called 911.
OTL: Do you know where my friend is?
Me: Nope. I need to confirm this ... so do you have an emergency?
OTL: I have a friend named Patricia.
Me: *headdesk* Deals with Out To Lunch for ten minutes.

Come home tired, so many gruesome suicides these last few days for some reason. I can't understand why some people, if they are going to do that, why they leave it for their family to find. Really? Do you really want your kids to see your blood and guts everywhere? I don't know how people do it to their family, never the less the emergency workers. Like we enjoy listening to your son scream your name or your sister beg for you to live. When the only thing they can tell you is 'oh my ... there's so much blood'. Somebody has to take a report, take pictures and clean it up. I've had calls where people have blown their brains out and their spouse could not physically leave them, just whispering 'please don't be dead, please don't leave me'. They had to be moved by members on scene just for them to come back to reality. I don't know, I'm not promoting suicide but at least think of your family too.

On a less depressing note, I found a neighbor of mine wondering the hallways looking for boxes to put her stuffed bears in. She's not completely all there but she's 80 something and harmless. She's the funny crazy not the dangerous kind. I brought her into my apartment because I had boxes and she spent the entire time patting Lee on his head singing, 'what's new, pussycat, whoa whoa.'

Oh I made this video from a game I play called Sims and added it to the blog. I'll admit ... sheepishly, regrettably ... I am addicted to the stupid thing. I loves it! I can play it for hours. I can play it if my whole apartment is on fire! I made it because a coworkers husband is a firefighter and I wanted to show her the firefighter stuff in the game. I put music to it because for some reason the sound cut out. It's sum 41 and it's old. I know. I'm sorry. By the time I hear a song and go 'hey I like that' it's a few years old. I don't listen to the radio, I don't have tv. I live under a rock. And I like my rock.

More plans for the summer too. My treatment is going well and hopefully I'll be fully if not almost healed by then. I've been told it'll take about a year. Feel like 85% better. I want to start running again in the summer. Stoked. I always enjoyed running though I was never so good in the distance part. I ran a bit through high school, mostly just with my dog around my block and a bit in Junior High. I was sick for some of those years too. Damn crohns got me when I was 14. Even in elementary my favourite thing in gym was to run! We used to have to run all around the edge of the gym, sometimes we'd skip (hated that) sometimes we'd have to do other things. My favourite thing was to run! It was fun. I'd pretend the people behind me were chasing me. I don't know why I remember ... maybe cause it was only ... 15 years ago. Ahh grade 3. Sooo off topic. I am looking at getting Vibram FiveFingers, but I have big feet so I don't know if I can get them in my size.

Anyway it's late, I'm exhausted. Going to crash under my rock.


  1. HAHAHA.. Thats me laughing at your "fire" video, that truck drives like a

    About the vibram Five fingers, if you have any questions i can help you out, also is a awesome site for info... if you have larger feet you can wear the mens sizes aswell, but the new bikilas with pull laces are coming out in bigger sizes..

  2. Ha I know, isn't it cool. I should make one of the police career. Once you reach a certain career level you get your own squad car to take home.I am going to check out the website now.